Fate: Believe Me Now?Mature

Sometimes I hate having a girl for an alpha.

“Fate, what you did was reckless and irresponsible” Genevieve said, her arms folded across her chest.

Theo sat at her side, her ever faithful lapdog, and the look on his face spoke volumes. I pouted and looked at my feet. I felt like a little kid being scolded for something insignificant. I slept with a vampire. So what?

“He could’ve done anything to you”

I smirked. “Maybe I wouldn’t have minded if he did”

“Don’t be disgusting, Fate. He’s a vampire. The only thing you should be doing is torturing or killing him” Theo snapped.

Theo and Genevieve were just like each other. They hated vampires with a passion and were set in their belief that werewolves were the superior species. See, Theo’s one of the few remaining purebloods and Genevieve’s his pack-sister. She’s not a pureblood, though. She’s not even a blood relative of Theo. His pack adopted her because he accidentally bit her.

“Don’t do it again, Fate” Genevieve warned.

“I won’t” I mumbled, a little irritated. Who are they to say who I can and can’t fuck?

“I mean it. You’re gonna stink the place out for days as it is”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. I won’t do it again”


Ugh, fuck my life. All I wanted to do was try and find Brody again but Genevieve sent me off on night patrol. On my own. She never sends me on night patrol on my own. I trudged through the trees, not interested enough to transform. I could cover the same amount of ground in human form anyways.

What Brody had said flicked back into my mind and I ended up going and checking out that area I’d been telling him about. We were wrong to stop watching it. What had started off as a few rolls of barbed wire had evolved into seven clearly marked out pens. Each pen was hooked up to a generator and the air was thick with electricity. It was sickening. I had to find Brody.


I went straight to the bar I met him at. I went over to him as soon as I spotted him.

"We need to talk"


"Because we do"

"Can it wait til I've eaten?"


He scowled at me.

"I have blood, don't I?"

"No offence, but you taste weird"

"This is more important than me tasting weird"

He gritted his teeth. "What d'you want?"

"I don't think it's best to talk about it here"

He sighed, walking outside with me. I was kind of jumpy and if he noticed, he didn’t say anything.

"He wasn't lying"

Brody arched an eyebrow at me.


"How d'you know?"

"I... I saw them"

"And how do I know I can trust you?"

"Because I can fucking show you"

"Go on then"

I took him off to where the pens were and watched as his eyes widened.

"Believe me now?"

He nodded slightly. "At least they're still empty" he said and I heard his stomach rumble.

"You need to eat something"

"Yeah. Maybe don't bring me here again when I'm hungry, eh?"

I sort of stared at the pens. Why would anyone even think of doing something like that? Brody stared for a moment.

“Well, staring isn't gonna do anything about them. C'mon" he said, walking off.

I followed him, not really sure what to do. "So... I mean... What are we gonna do?"

He shrugged. "I dunno. I mean, I've got Brendon breathing down my neck bout it, so I guess I'll find him. Liar or not, he's hardly gonna let up on me"

"Yeah but... I mean, we've gotta do    something     about it"

"Yeah? Like what?"

"I don't know, that's why I asked you"

"Sure. The architect and his loyal companion are gonna go up against a bunch of hungry, angry vampires. Good one" he laughed a little.

"Jeez, sorry for mentioning it"

"Look, I appreciate that something needs doing about it, but what do you expect to be able to do to them?"

I shrugged.

He stopped walking and stood outside the bar from, just around the corner. "Come up with something, and I'll consider it. Maybe"

"How am I s'posed to come up with something? It's the full moon tomorrow"

He shrugged. "After you're done  with that"


Some human walked out and Brody grabbed them, dragging them into the alley we were stood in. I smelt fresh blood and realised he must’ve been feeding. I whined, banging my head against the wall. Being a werewolf fucking sucks. He looked over at me once he was done.

"What're you hitting your head for?"

"I. Fucking. Hate. Being. A. Werewolf" I said, hitting my head with each word.

He grabbed the collar of my shirt, pulling me away from the wall. I whined. I was enjoying that.


"You don't get what full moons do to a werewolf's head, do you?" I said, a little bit pissed off.

"How would I know?"

I scowled.

"Feel free to enlighten me"

"I'm horny. I'm irritable. I want to rub up against everything and raw meat makes me drool right now"

He chuckled. "Come back to mine. You already stank the place out, I don't see what difference one more night will make"

I groaned. "I'm not allowed"

He tried not to laugh and I scowled at him.

"I'm quite happy to fuck you right here instead. S'up to you" he smirked a little, "what do they think I'm gonna do anyway?"

"It doesn't matter    where     you fuck me, I'm still not allowed"

"Why not?"

"Because you're a vampire"

He shrugged. "So? I'm not like other vampires" he wrapped his arms around my waist from behind, murmuring in my ear "make an exception for me"

I bit my lip. "They'll disown me"

He kissed my neck, nibbling a little at my skin. I let out a tiny whine because that really wasn’t helping with the horny thing.

"They don't have to know it was sex. I could've been" he pushed a hand in my pants "torturing you"

I gasped a little at the sudden contact. "They'd come after you"

He palmed me, nibbling my neck. I moaned, well aware of just how vulnerable I was. He unbuttoned my pants, sliding his other hand in. I moaned even more as his hand moved round to my ass and ‘slipped’ a little.

"I... I can't" I said with a tiny moan as he curled his finger round.

He hummed. "Shame" he pulled his hands out of my pants and took a step back.

I was breathing kind of hard and he shoved his hands in his pockets.

"'Cause you were a good shag. Guess I'll have to go find someone who    is     allowed"

I growled. Literally. "Fucking get back here"

He pulled an innocent face. "But you're not allowed"

"You'll just have to torture me, then"

He smiled, pushing me against the wall. He kissed me hard, palming me as I kissed back. I growled again and he smiled, undoing his own pants. He flipped me around, pulling my pants down. I was too horny and impatient for all this and he knew it. I could just tell the bastard wanted to keep teasing me. I let out a moan as he lubed up as best he could and stretched me. I pushed back against him as he pushed in. God, I’m so getting killed for this.

The End

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