Brody: creepMature

I wasn't beginning to burn. That was a lie. I was just feeling nauseous from the smell of dog. One of them was bad enough, but two of them, and a whole house of stink beyond him? No thanks.

After cleaning the place and dousing it all in Febreeze five times and another shower, I give up. The idiot had rubbed his scent into everything so thoroughly that I'm not just stuck with it until it wears away.

Unimpressed, I sit back at my desk and set about finishing with those plans. It's easy to finish stuff that's not hard to get done with vampire speed. The most time consuming part is all the drawing, y'see, but I can get that done with next to no effort these days. I'm concentrating on getting all this done when I hear someone coming into my flat.

Only people that can get in without a key are people like me. Which means it's Brendon. I sniff the air a little and sure enough, old man fug precedes him into the room. I say nothing, trying to keep up my concentration.

"Anything you wish you tell me?"

"That you're disturbing my concentration," I mutter, realising that I'm probably not going to get much done with him hovering behind me like that.

"Aside from that."

"I had a good shag last night."

"That would explain the smell."

I shrug, "he rubbed his face on everything he could possibly rub his face on earlier." What can I say? I'm just that good.

"I'll bet he did. Any news on the vampire situation?"

"I was concentrating on being a good lay last night, not a good spy. And right now, I'm trying to work. I'd appreciate it if you left me to it."

"The sooner you get to it, the better."

"I like my job. I don't much feel like losing it. I'll get to it when I have the time to. Now fuck off, I'm busy."

"Brody, I'm being patient with you as it is."

"Hey, I'm still not sure if I should listen to the money or my instinct yet, so y'know, stop pressuring me." Did I really say that? Did I really just voice my doubts. Clever Brody. It's a genuine miracle that you're still alive. Well. Y'know what I mean.

"What is your instinct telling you?" I bite my lip a little, rubbing out a mistake on the plan as I try to make up my mind what to say. I stand up and push past him, going into the kitchen. I can make a quick escape out of the window in here if I have to. Yeah, I know. I'm paranoid.

"That you're a liar."

"And why is that?" he smiles. I don't trust that smile.

"Probably because you most likely are? You're on your own side? Only a moment before, you sounded so enthusiastic about the... breeding pits," I say, unable to hide my disgust at the phrase ‘breeding pits'.

"Merely a test."

"Sure." I sit up on the counter right next to the window, sipping at my coffee, ignoring that it scalds my tongue and throat.

"How else was I to know your opinion on the subject?"

"Ask me straight up, man. I'm not a liar." Unlike you.

"I'll remember that in future." I sort of nod, wondering what to do or say now. I think I could do with Fate acting on that fucked up instinct of his. I mean, it's not like I'm bad in a fight, but let's be realistic here, what're my chances of winning against someone so much more experienced than me? I mean, I might be a vampire, but seriously, I've only been one for ten years and I've spent most of that doing what I did as a human, but with more clubbing and more drinking blood.

"How soon can you begin this assignment, then?"

"I dunno. Tomorrow night."

"Hmm, I suppose that is soon enough," he says, but I'm busy sitting there being unhappy with this whole arrangement. I mean, what am I even s'posed to be looking for? A possibly nonexistent vampire and pits full of cattle bred humans? "Oh, and Brody," I look up at him, "I think it would be best if you didn't see the wolf again."

"Why's that?"

"He is young and foolish. He expects too much from people."

"I'll keep it in mind."

"Plus I could smell him on you a mile away. You may make yourself some enemies if it continues."

"Guess I'll have to find something stronger than Febreeze."

"Mmm. I expect some kind of news from you soon, Brody." Expect away, mate. I just nod, not trusting myself to speak. He leaves, abandoning me to my uneasiness and doubt. I glance at the time. I have an hour til the clubs open. I reckon I can finish that plan.

If I can get Brendon out of my head. 


The End

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