Fate: ShowerMature

Oh God, sometime I hate being a fucking werewolf. Granted the facerubbing thing is a lot creepier with humans but it’s still embarrassing. Especially when you can’t fucking stop. I don’t think I’d ever been this bad. I’d just moved onto things in the next room when vampire guy tried to stop me again.

"I asked you to stop that"

"I can't help it" I whined.

"Fucking help it, or I will spray Febreeze in your eyes"

I pouted, sort of rubbing my face against the wall. He just glared at me.

"Consider yourself lucky I haven't started rubbing my face against you, yet"

"If you're gonna be rubbing your face on me, I will expect head"

"You expect too much"

"Then don't rub your face on me"

I grinned at him and he went back to work, clearly not impressed. I snuck over to him, facerubbing the top of his head. He jabbed me with a pencil.

"What was that for?"

"Stop facerubbing me"

"No" I said, rubbing against him more.

I ignored the unimpressed look he shot me, rubbing against his head again. He jabbed me some more and I did my best to ignore it. He shoved me backwards, pinning me down.

"Stop. It"

"Make me"

He kind of growled, going back to his desk. I got up, snuggling his neck again and going back to my facerubbing. He did his best to ignore it and I snuggled him even more. Which was when he picked me up. He carried me to the front door, opening it and trying to throw me out. I clung onto him.

"In case you hadn't noticed, I'm still very naked. And I still don't know your name"

"I had noticed"

He tried to get me off him but I just clung onto him more.

"It's not my fault you lost your clothes, and no one needs to know my name, least of all you" he said, trying to shake me off.

"It is your fault I lost my clothes. And for that, I think you should tell me your name"

"How is it my fault?"

"You pestered me into telling you about the stuff that's been happening"

"So? It's my town too, I had a right to know"

"You could've waited til the full moon was out of the way"

"Two days ago, I was an architect, quite happily living my life the way I've been living it for the last six years or so, and suddenly this Brendon guy comes along and decides to fuck everything over. I don't think I could've waited for the full moon"

I pouted, switching on the puppy eyes when he glared at me.

"Get off me"

I huggled him and he started walking out into the corridor.

"What are you doing?"

"Walking back to your place. Unless you'd like to remove yourself from me before I get there?"

I clung to him more. "You could at least get me some boxers first"

"Nope" he started walking a little faster.

"Dude, we're gonna get arrested"

"Correction:    you're     gonna get arrested. And then they will remove you from me and I can get on with my work"

I glared at him and started undoing his shirt. He ignored me and I stripped him of it, dropping it on the ground as he walked faster. I undid his jeans with some difficulty but the fucker just did them back up. I undid them again, pushing them down a little. He just pulled them up and did them up again.

"Stop being so difficult"

"Stop clinging to me"

"Turn around and get me some boxers"

"No, you're going back home. With dead person spunk in your ass. You're gonna be so popular"

I glared at him.

"Get off me and I won't feel like delivering you straight to your pack so much"

"Tell me your name" I pouted.


"I want to know"


"Cause I do"

He scowled.

"Pwease?" I turned on the puppy dog eyes again.

"David. Now get off me" he said, still scowling.

"Nope, you're lying"

"You never said I had to tell the truth"

I pouted.

"Or which name I should give you" he shrugged, almost at my place.

"I want your real name"

"You got my real middle name"

"Well I want your real first name"

"You can call me David. Other people do"

I prodded him and he rang the doorbell. Idiot, they’ll all be asleep.

"I want your real first name"

He rang it again.

"They won't answer. Real first name"

He looked like he was perfectly willing to break the lock if he had to.

"I'm waiting"

"Get off me"

"I will if you tell me your name"

"I hate my first name, lemme alone"

I pecked him on the lips. "Tell"

He scowled and I gave him the puppy dog eyes as I heard one of the boys start shuffling around in the house. I guess somebody woke up after all.

"Get off me and i'll tell you"

"Tell me and I'll get off you"

He shook his head. "My way, or not at all"

I gave him the puppy eyes but he just rang the doorbell again.

"C'mon, tell me"

He kept ringing the doorbell. "Get off me"

"Tell me"

It was Theo that answered the door. Fuck. Well, it could’ve been worse.

"What do you want, fangs?" he growled.

"Get it off me"

"Fate, get off. You don't know where it's been"

I huggled vampire guy even more. "Not til he tells me his name"

Vampire guy scowled.

"It has ten seconds to tell you before I rip it's throat out" Theo said, still growling.

"Fuck off, asshole. Just get your stupid lapdog off me and I'll go"

Theo glared at him.

"Tell me"

"Get off me"


"Off first"

I got off him but kept a hold of his wrist.

He glared at my hand. "That's not off"

"You'll run away"

"I won't"

"You will"

"Oh just fucking tell him" Theo sighed irritably.

"I think I'm entitled to keeping my name to myself after having him rub his face over everything in my apartment this morning" vampire guy said, glaring.

"Fate, that's disgusting"

"Exactly. Take him back and I'll leave you all alone"

"I meant it's disgusting that he slept with you"

"Tell. Me. Your. Name" I whined, practically hanging off his wrist.

"I'd guessed" no, vampire guy, it wasn’t disgusting. Theo doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

"Tell meeeeee"

"Fucking hell, I've never known anyone so annoying in all my life!" he snapped and I grinned. He turned to Theo. "I feel sorry that you have to live with this. Fuck it. My name's Brody. Happy? Can I go now?"

I grinned again. "I'm Fate"

"It's your fault he's like this" Theo said.

"How's it my fault?"

"There's a reason we kept him single"

"Yeah? Good for you. I'm leaving now. The dead guy has a job to hold down"

He tried to leave but I still had a hold of his wrist. He tried to shake me off but I didn’t let go.

"Fate, let go of it. It's scum"

"You heard the man. The scum needs to go"

"What if I don't want the scum to go?” I said, suddenly feeling a little childish.

"Scum has to go. Scum has a job. Remember?"

"Scum's also getting paid by Brendon"

"Scum doesn't want anything to do with the even scummier scumbag that is Brendon. Scum was quite happy earning his own money"

I pecked him on the lips and he sighed. I smiled at him.

"I'm beginning to burn, can I go now?" he asked, sounding fed up.

My face pulled into an upset expression. "Okay"

"See y'around" he said and left.

I sighed as he walked off. I didn't know why I was getting so... I don't know what the word is.

"Take a shower, you stink" Theo said as I walked inside. Asshole.

The End

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