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I took the vampire back to mine, figuring it was probably easier. Besides, the boys were all on night patrol so it wasn’t like we’d run into then. Or so I thought. I’d just opened the front door when I heard the low rumblings of a snore. Theo. I felt my heart skip a beat as I pushed vampire guy back outside, spewing some crap about how it’d be a better idea to talk at his place. Trust me, when you’ve been in a werewolf pack for the least amount of time, you don’t bring vampires home unless it’s to torture them.


"So what am I s'posed to have heard?" I asked once we were at his place.

He flopped on the couch. "Some crap about a vampire trying to bring back breeding pits"

"Breeding pits...?"

"They had this hot idea of breeding humans like cattle" he said, kind of disgusted.

"I thought cattle farming was illegal now?"

"Yeah, it was outlawed, but apparently someone's trying to bring it back. I'm being bribed to find try and infiltrate this vampire's plans or something and find out what's going on” he looked up at me and I gritted my teeth.

"You've met Brendon, then"

"Oh you know him. Such a charmer" he said sarcastically.

"He's a fucking liar"

"I'd kinda near enough figured that out for myself. Most of my head is screaming at me that he's the one to be watching, not this other vampire"

"I wouldn't be surprised if this other vampire didn't even exist"

He nodded.

"Then again..."

He arched an eyebrow.

"Uh, it's nothing. Forget I said anything"

"No, tell me"

"I'm not allowed. I shouldn't even be talking to you"

"Well you are, so fucking tell me"

"There's been some suspicious stuff happening lately. I mean, it died down a little a few weeks back so we stopped checking"

"Keep talking"

"I don't remember the specifics..."

"Don't make me hurt that pretty face"

"Fuck off, it's two days til the full moon. My brain's not exactly working with me right now" All my brain’s doing is having a hyper attack over how close it is til I have to transform. O, and the euphoria that comes with it. That’s probably worth mentioning.

"Then make it work”

I groaned. "Give me half an hour"

"Fine" he said irritably.

I dashed outside, glancing up at the moon as I morphed into my wolf form. I always felt freer as a wolf. There were no restrictions in this form and I could do whatever the fuck I wanted to. So what did I do? I chased a rabbit for like twenty minutes. Yep. That’s how cool I am.


Vampire guy was sat being irritable when I strolled back in about half an hour after I left. I was still in wolf when I came in and I de-wolfed once I was in the living room. I was more than aware of the fact that I was kind of naked. And I noticed him appreciating my nakedness.

"There's spare clothes in the bedroom"

I went and put some jeans on, debating boxers. But then I figured I might as well. I’d only have t steal them again in the morning. Vampire guy, still kind of pissed off, stayed where he was and I went and sat on the floor in front of him.

"You better fucking appreciate this. If Gen doesn't kick my ass then Theo will"

"I fucking appreciate it, now talk."

"Alright, on the outskirts of town there's been some weird stuff happening. All the animals within ten miles have fucked off completely. They just vanished"

"Anything else?"

"There's a fuckload of barbed wire and bear traps out there instead"

"...Nothing more?"

"Like I said, we haven't been out there in a few weeks"

He frowned slightly, getting a little fidgety.

"Oh, and it kinda stank of vampire the other day"

He sniffed himself. "We stink?"

I nodded and he sighed, going back to being fidgety.

"I'll come back to that some other time. It's the least of my worries right now"

I arched an eyebrow at him.

"I have this Brendon guy bribing me, some breeding pit crisis going down in my hometown and I haven't fed yet. The way I smell suddenly doesn't seem to matter so much" he said, smiling weakly.

"You're welcome to have some" I said, holding up my arm.

His eyes flicked to my arm. He hesitated before clamping his teeth down on my arm. I shut my eyes, suddenly remembering just how annoying it is having a vampire feed on you. He healed the bite once he was done, coughing awkwardly.

"Thanks" he mumbled.

"No problem. I better get something in return, though"

"What would you suggest?"  he asked from the bathroom where he was rinsing his mouth out.

"Well, I can't eat you"

He came back out of the bathroom and stood over me. I looked up at him from where I was lying on the floor.

"What're you doing down there?" he asked.

I shrugged. It was comfy, I guess. He offered me hand to pull me up and I let him.

"If I'm gonna be over you, it's gonna be somewhere comfy" he said, pushing me down onto his bed.

I chuckled. "They're definitely gonna kick my ass now"

"I'll just have to make it worth it then, won't I?" he said, kissing me.

I kissed back. "You'll have to make it more than worth it"

He slipped off his shirt. "I'm sure I'll manage"

"I'm gonna smell gross for days"

"So am I" he kissed down my chest to the waistband of my pants.

"Mmm, but you don't live with five werewolves" I shut my eyes.

"You the alpha?" he asked, undoing my pants and I smiled.

"I wish. I'm the baby"

"Then what's the problem? Go rent a hotel room for a few days and use loads of aftershave" he pulled my pants down and I hummed.

He moved back up, kissing me again. He kissed along my jaw, palming me through my boxers. I let out a moan, already having to fight the urge to transform.

"Don't you know not to tease a werewolf this close to the full moon?" I whispered in his ear but he just grinned.

"I'm reckless like that" he kissed me hard, palming me even more.

I matched it, trying my best not to transform. He stripped himself, pulling off my boxers and lubing up. Anticipation tingled through every nerve in my body. The urge to transform got worse as he pushed in and before long it was taking every inch of my being to stay in human form.


I flopped back on the bed once we were done, my breathing evening out pretty quickly. Vampire guy stretched out next to me.

"I don't even know your name" I said.

"What does it matter?"

"I like knowing who's a good fuck"

He chuckled. "And was I a good fuck?"

"Let's just say you nearly ended up fucking a wolf"

He hummed. "That might've been a bit weird even for me"

"Only a bit?" I chuckled and he shrugged a little.

"Y'know how you're always told not to play with your food? I fuck mine before I eat it. I'm fairly sure bestiality is only a bit weirder than that. Right?"

I laughed and he closed his eyes. I could feel him getting sleepy. Can’t say I blame him after that. And in that split second the urge to transform overwhelmed me and vampire guy was lying next to a wolf. He opened one eye.

"You're hoovering up all the fur you drop later on"

I licked his nose, a little repulsed by the vampire taste, and he scratched behind my ears. If he wasn’t a good fuck I would’ve bitten him for that. I snuggled up to him as best as I could in the form I was in and he hesitated before putting an arm over me. That’s another thing I found; falling asleep is so much easier as a wolf.

The End

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