Brody: Your place or mine?Mature

This feels like a shitty, dodgy deal, straight out of a shitty gangster film. I'm convinced that he's actually on this weird vampire's side and that this is just a way to rope me in more subtly. In fact, the more I think about it like that, the more and more it makes sense.

And the more uneasy I feel about all this. I'm seriously considering taking the money and running. Or dumping the money and running. The paranoid part of my brain is telling me that the bills could be marked or tracked or something. Maybe I could use the tracked ones to confuse him...?

Shut up, Brody, you're being ridiculous. Just get ready to go out and do what you do best.

So that's what I do. I go out to my usual haunt - a place I designed, actually (I'm an architect) - and hang around by the bar, waiting for someone to catch my eye. My salary is comfortable enough to let me do this anyways, and let's face it, I'm not about to spend that money in the case on anything just yet. It's tempting, but I'm just not sure about it.

Some chick comes up to me and starts flirting. I'm not on form tonight, and even as I'm buying her a drink, I can see her looking kind of like she's already lost interest. I slip into the men's and splash some cold water on my face, hoping it'll knock some sense into me. Looking up at my reflection, I frown at the worry hidden in my eyes and at the state my hair is in. I ruffle it and prod it around for a bit, before deciding it'll do for now.

I wander back out to the bar with my usual confident swagger, sitting on a stool near this pretty guy. I smile at him and he glances at me.

"What're you smiling at?" he asks when I don't look away.

"You're kinda cute. Want a drink?"


"What d'you want to drink?"

"Beer me." I do so and he drinks it, thanking me as I sip at my own JD and coke. "So what do you want? As if I can't guess."

"If you've already guessed, there's no need for me to tell you," I smile, openly checking him out.

"Arrogant    and     good looking. I'm all too familiar with your type."

"My type?" I laugh a little.

"Vampire," he smiles. I feel my eyebrow lift a little. As if I wasn't already shaken up enough tonight. I lean in and sniff a little. Dog. I sit back, wondering how I hadn't noticed that before. I guess I just wasn't paying attention. He chuckles.

"How do I smell?"

"Like a dog. Hard to notice over everyone else," I shrug. Well I'm not about to mention that I'm not paying attention, am I? He smiles and I finish my drink, ordering another as soon as the bartender is looking my way. "Want another beer?" what? Just because other vampires don't like werewolves so much, doesn't mean I can't get on with one.

"Sure," he says, so I buy him another, and he thanks me again.

"You heard anything strange about us lot lately?" I ask casually but he shrugs.

"I don't really pay much attention to what's going on here." I sigh and lean forward on the bar, resting my chin on my hand, closing my eyes, "Jeez, sorry for being more concerned about my pack than what a few vampires are getting up to," the cute guy's voice opens my eyes again.

"Hey, I was only asking. I just heard something weird earlier, and wondered if maybe you'd heard anything too."

"Depends what you heard."

"Probably not something I should mention here."

"My place or yours?" I think I've lost the ability to care whether I get mauled by a pack of pissed off wolves or not. They're the least of my worries now. 


The End

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