Brendon: AssignmentMature

I sat at my favourite table. Granted the restaurant hadn’t been open in years and everything was coated in a thick sheet of dust. I’d bought the place not long after the Second World War and had never really thought about re-opening the place.

I bought the glass in front of me to my lips, relishing in the taste of the liquid it held. Blood. Delicious human blood. I glanced at the clock hanging above the bar and tutted. I told him to be here on the hour but the foolish boy was running late. I sipped at my blood again as I waited for him.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Brendon. And if you hadn’t guessed by now, I am indeed a vampire. My brown hair just about reaches my shoulders, something that doesn’t seem to be out of place these days. I was relatively pale, as true vampires should be, and my eyes were as black as night. Brody eventually found the place, storming in in what was clearly a bad mood.

"Next time, be less fucking vague"

"It's nice to see you too. Can I get you something to drink?" I asked, gesturing at the blood before me.


I poured him a glass, waiting for him to finish drinking before speaking again.

"I called you here for a reason, Brody, though I don't expect you to know who I am"

He looked unimpressed by this and I flashed him a small smile.

"Take a seat"

He sat in the chair opposite me, not putting his glass down.

"What is your opinon of humans?"

He shrugged. "I fuck 'em, I feed on 'em and then I dump 'em"



I smiled a little. "How would you feel about a little... assignment, as it were?"

He rested his chin on his hand. "Assignment?"

"Mmm. The humans around here are becoming a nuisance"

He shrugged again. "They're alright"

"Yes... Myself and several others were considering various methods of    controlling     the population"

"Were you now?" he sighed a little. "Y'know, I've heard all this before"

I smirked a little. "Have you?"

"Maybe you don't remember. A few years ago, someone else decided that they would have a go at culling the population and keeping them under their control. It was over before it even started."

I chuckled. "Who said anything about culling them?" If anything, it’s quite the opposite.

"What're you suggesting then?"

"Are you familiar with breeding pits?"

"Breeding pits?” he asked, arching an eyebrow.

"They were outlawed around a century ago due to "inhumane living conditions". Breeding pits are exactly as they suggest. It's really quite similar to breeding cattle"

"Yeah... I can see why they would've been outlawed"

"We were thinking of bringing them back"


"An unrestricted amount of blood within a contained area and you feel the need to ask why?"

"What's wrong with the amount of blood we have already? So long as you don't kill too many of them, no one asks any questions"

"Which is where the problem lies"

"If people have a problem with it, then they fucking have to deal with it, don't they. Or find somewhere else to go"

"I was born here and I'll die here, God damn it!"

"That's cool. Go away and come back when you're dying"

"And how do you intend to deal with the younger vampires? The ones that can't control their urges. The ones making headlines"

He half grinned at me. "I learnt. They'll learn. If they don't learn, they'll die. It's that simple"

I laughed a little. "So young"

"No shit, oldie"

I leant over, hooking a finger under his chin. "Clearly you aren't aware of the entire situation at hand"

He pushed my hand away. "Pardon me for being quite happy with my life as it is"

"You won't be so happy if things continue the way they are headed"

He rolled his eyes. "Such a flair for the dramatics. Stop fucking around and just tell me why I should agree with you"

"A vampire much older than myself is gathering young vampires here. She is the one who wishes to revive the breeding pits, not I. And if she is allowed to continue, this town will fall into ruin"

He frowned. "So whose side are you on...?"

"Purely my own"

"Right. So where would I come into any of this?"

I took a sip of blood. It was getting a little cold, if I’m honest. "Clearly she must be stopped"

He shrugged. "I don't care if she does it or not, so long as it's not in this town"

"Well it's this town she's doing it in and she has no intention of leaving"

"Someone's gonna have to be here to tell her to fuck off then, aren't they"


"When's she coming?"

"She's already here"

"Oh, good" he said sarcastically.

I sipped the last of my blood and Brody leant back in his chair, looking out of one of the cleaner windows.

"We were thinking you could assist us. She doesn't know you, after all"

"How would I be able to help?"

"Track her down, find a way inside what she's doing and report any information back to me"

"Sounds like a lot of effort to me. I have a job to hold down, y'know?"

"We can pay you"

He chuckled. "Sure, you'll match my salary? Have fun with that one"

"We can pay you just short of two million dollars a week"

His eyes widened a little and I could tell he was trying not to look surprised.

"Match your salary enough?" I smirked and he chuckled.


"We can count on you, then?"

"So long as you're not shitting me"

I picked a briefcase up off the floor and placed it on the table in front of him. "Consider this a welcome gift"

He glanced at it as I flipped it open.

"Count it, if you want"

He took a note out, checking it was real. I watched him as he surveyed it before putting it back in the case.

"Who are you people?" he asked.

"That need not concern you at present"

"Tough shit, 'cause it concerns me at present"

"Then all you need to know is we're paying you to do a job for us"

He sighed. "I'm not happy about this"

"We didn't expect you to be"

He glared at me and I smiled.

"Was that all you wanted with me?"

I nodded and frowned a little to himself before taking the money and leaving. Well I must say, that went much better than expected.

The End

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