Brody, Fate & Co.Mature

I hum as the sunlight tingles on my skin. Factor fifty. I'm surprised others like me haven't discovered it yet. I smile to myself, still humming tunelessly as I wander down the street, the scents of fresh bread from the bakery, coffee from Starbucks and the sweat of every human from here to the end of the street and beyond.

And the scent of something else. Everywhere I go, constantly.

My name's Brody.

The scent is near maddening. It's a wonder that any of us stay sane. I guess some don't.

I'm about thirty, going on twenty.

I keep walking and walking. I don't know if I'm meant to be meeting anyone here or not. To be honest, I'd rather be getting ready to go clubbing where I can pick up tonight's... date. Or something like that.

You want a physical description? Sure. I'm about six foot two, or something like that, lean, tanned, and gorgeous, if I do say so myself. Egotistical? Yes. But I wouldn't be so sure of myself if I didn't pick up a new person every night.

The sun's getting kinda hot now. Whoever it was that said they wanted to talk with me better fucking hurry up, or I'm going back to my apartment.  


The End

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