Book to Mice

[Note: Thank you whoever you are for giving me my favorite topic!]

=) I LOVE to read books.

I feel like an odd ball in my school because I'm a minority... =(

=) But on the bright side, I get to see different worlds every day!

I started a book a while back, but haven't gotten around to finishing it yet... =(

=)We read a few chapters of it in class

Nobody else liked it... =(

=) But I loved it!

The book is kind of sad... =(

=) It's called Flowers to Algernon...

My mom don't like it because of the cover... =(

=) It's a picture of a white mouse.

Some mousies are noisy with their constant *squeak squeak*ing. =(
=) My sister had a pet mouse named Nora...
It died... =(
=) I like mice.

Next words: Harry and Crater(s)
The End

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