Lily Allen to Protagonize!

=)Lily Allen is a person!

I do not know who Lily Allen is =(

=) I bet she is nice.

But nice can be boring =(

=) Boredom is a word!

Big words cannot make stupid people sound smart if they're not used correctly =(

=) My friends and I act stupid when we're hyper.

I can't get hyper without ketchup =(

=) I'm hyper right now!

I'm going to be really tired tomorrow =(

=) I once ate Octopus.

It was disgusting =(

=) But I got a dollar out of it, so no harm done.

Except to the octopus; it died =(

=) I happen to be addicted to Protagonize!


Next Words: Kelp to Imaginary


The End

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