Victory to Aquarium

=) Victory is sweet
Sweet things are hard to come by =(
=) Hard to come by means a challenge
Challenges are difficult to complete =(
=) Completing is a satisfaction
Satisfaction means you don't want to go any further =(
=) Going further means more success
Success means you have to work harder =(
=) Working harder gets you to lots of different places
Going lots of different places can result in going around in circles =(
=) Going around in circles means a longer walk
Walk around the world and you'll end up right back where you started =(
=) It's the journey that makes it exciting
It's not exciting if you're a fish in a glass bowl =(
=) Glass bowls let you see into the water
Water can cause drowning =(
 =) Drowning is very difficult in an aquarium

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The End

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