Breaking out of Hospital for Christmas

Thanks to a chronic illness, Tyrone has been trapped in the hospital for weeks and is bummed he's going to miss the Christmas party-that is, until someone unexpectedly show up to bust him out and take him to the celebration.

Tyrone POV

Tyrone Fuentez was bored; he was beyond bored, having nothing to do drive him crazy. He was used to be constantly on the move, acting on his ideas which never seem to run dry. But now because of some illness he was now stuck on a bed for the nth days. He hates been unproductive, and thought it was a waste of time not doing anything. He felt worthless to the world, and besides nobody had visited him since he was hospitalized. He believed that he deserved it since he was called the Satan Boss by his subordinates and not without reasons too. Since young he had been chasing after the tails of perfectness, anything that falls below the line of perfection was imperfect. He sets high standards for himself and expects others to follow too. It drives others insane but he was persistent in his demands and demands nothing less than that. Tyrone brought great profits for the company and climbed through the corporate ladders faster than his peers of his age, earning the title of regional manager at a tender age of twenty-five. His high pay earns him the lifestyle that he had always yearn after during his teenage years, yet of course that comes with a price. He is aloof, not willing to socialize with his subordinates during free time, one could say he leads a lonely life, he is used to it and that didn’t exactly bothered him so much, until now. Sighing he looked out of the windows, the skies were clear and the clouds looked like cotton candies floating around, it’s apparent that it’s going be one lonely Christmas night and the many more that had yet to come.

The End

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