Well this is going to be interesting. I thought to myself looking around the Victorian house. Dust lingered around the surfaces; I ran my finger above the fire place, making a swirly pattern. I smiled and went up the huge stair case, checking upstairs for any bogie monsters. As you do in a new place. It was pretty much the same as downstairs. Wide hallways, lots of rooms, furniture here and there. Dust and cob webs lingered here too, the house felt soo lonely and abandoned. Like no one had lived here for years.

I found another staircase but these ones where narrower and darker. I had to duck my head as I went up the stairs; I held the bar which was strange because it was smooth pine-not a speck of dust.

"How strange"? I whispered, it didn't realise how long the stair case really was, it twisted and turned then finally I came to a door. A single candle was lit by the door giving it an even creepier look to it. Curious I opened the door, slightly afraid to see what was on the other side. Then as I opened the door, a gush of wind made the candle go out, leaving me standing in the dark.

The End

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