I brush my red locks out of my eyes and begin to explore. Who cares if I get lost? It's an adventure. I grin at my own confidence.

The stairs rise in front of me. I put one foot on the step, then see a light shining from underneath. So I change my course and go underneath the stairs instead. Sure enough there is a room below. And it looks like some sort of training room. Cool. I pull out the throwing stars I always carry with me, and cartwheel in to the centre of the room. A target shoots out and I throw, hitting the centre. Perfect.

After a few more shots my attention is caught by a hinged wall. I feel around the sides and push gently where it feels weakest. The wall swings round, taking me with it, and there I am, in a beautiful room filled with scents and drapes. Like a maze of fabric.

One part of me tells me I should go back. The other more adventurous screams for my exploration. No surprises at my choice.

The End

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