Creeping InMature


Violet started to  play the piano in one of the corners, filling the house with happy, annoying, music. I squeezed at my damp hair getting out the last of the water, my deep brown eyes scanning the room around me. Everyone else seemed to be distracted by the features of the gigantic hall, that was probably used for balls or living space when the building was in it's prime. 

As I turned around the room, my heeled brogues making the ‘clip clop' sound on the tiles, a slight crack in the wall seemed slightly suspicious. Walking over to it, at a normal glance, or even at a educated guess, you would never have spotted the door that hid there.  But somehow it stood out to me, even though the wallpaper was hiding the small gaps outlining the door frame.  However there was no handle to open it with. 

I put my hand on the door slightly pushing it. The door didn't even creak, considering its age, as it opened up to a stairway. I looked behind me at the others, they didn't seem to notice. Good. 

Creeping in, I shut the door firmly behind me and looked in awe at the staircase in front of me twisting gracefully around the wall. 

The piano music was still in the distance as I slowly climbed the stairs, leaving a trail of water from my dress as it dried, I traced the brick with my hand.  

The End

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