Lily DiamondMature

"Oi! Give that back Violet" I yell trying to grab the box from her. "Its my birthday...... Well, its everyones birthday but thats my present"

"I still find it odd we all have the same birthday" Lamia says. She's leant against a tree a bit futher off from the others.

"Says the dark horse" Cassandra mutters. Lamia turns and glares at Cassandra whose already turning to Hailey and throwing her a presant.

"Here girl" She says. Hailey nods then opens the box to find a set of blue earrings. Hailey smiles then thanks Cassandra hugging her. I finally snatch my present back form Violet and open it to find a pendant which is two silver wings.

"Oh, Violet why worry its beautiful" I squeal and hug her. She laughs and so does everyone else. I pull away and taking it out and put it on.

"So everyone besides Lamia from me got there presents" I say. "Cassandra's got Haileys, Hailey got Violets, Violets got mine, I got Lamia's, Lamia got Houmasalta's and Houmasalta got Cassandra's??"

"Thats right" Everyone chorus's. I nod smiling then pull out Lamia's present from my bag. I get up and walk over to hand it to her. "Here you go"

Lamia nods then opens up her present. Its an Ivory pebble. "Uh..."

I laugh. "Its a summon pebble. You add the blood to it of whoever you want it to summon" I say sitting back in my place.

"But Deamons make those" Houmasalta gasps. "How did you get it??"

"I got it from Felix" I say smiling and everyone moans. "What??"

"I don't even get how you two are dating just cause angels don't age past 16 doesn't mean dating a guy who was an adult when you were born is right" Cassandra says shaking her head.

"Guys come on angels everyday date people who were adults when they were born. How is mine so wrong?"

"Cause he's Lady Ever's prophet, The only ever prophet" Lamia says rolling her eyes.

"Yeah, thats true. Doesn't mean you can pick on her for it" We all turn to the voice to see Felix floating in the air his golden wings flapping and his face turned down smiling at us.

"Closed birthday party" Violet yells up. Felix laughs then drops down to land next to me. He kisses my cheek making everyone go 'ew' or something of the sort.

"Happy birthday" He says then looks at the others. "I'm sorry to do this" Its then the gorund falls from beneath us and we all go falling.

"Jerk!!!" Lamia yells. We pass down a deep earth hole when it suddenly changes in to..... clouds??

We then all fall into a lake. I swim up to see Felix at the side of the lake leaning against the tree trunk arms folded.

"Jerk!" Nearly everyone yells. We then all swim over to the edge and stand up. "Now how the hell do we all get back up?" Houmaslta snaps, she like everyone else is trying to get the water out of her hair.

"Thats for you to learn. Your gonna now be attending mortal school and living in a house a little while off..... until you learn how to summon your wings"

We all stare at Feliz and its Lamia who breaks the silence. "Well ain't that brilliant"

The End

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