Breakaway AngelsMature

6 Teenage Angels are thrown down from their world to earth. The only way they can get back up is to learn how to summon their wings.
Little did they all know that deamons walked earth these days and humans always seem to capture angels interest.

"Six children?" Lady Ever asks looking down at the messenger. "All with no wings at all"

"Yes, my lady. The children have been born different and without their wings but with the markings on their backs.... heres another difference. None of their marks are golden. Their wings wont be golden"

Lady Ever takes in a sharp breath. "This is quite conserning.... the prophecy was only given yesterday... these children are fighting for their fate by being born so soon"

"What do you wish me to do, my lady" the messenger says.

"Nothing yet.... we must give them their 16 years like the prophecy said" Lady Ever says rising from her throne her large golden wings stretching out behind her then settling against her back.

"But your highness.... they'll be treated as outcasts" the messenger exclaims. "They'll never know the truth of their birth for years"

"I trust you have told no one of what you prophecized, Felix" Lady Ever says turning to look at him with her piercing gaze.

Felix stares back then slowly lowers his head. "Of corse not, my lady. I have told only you and no one else... but is it right to keep it secret. I mean a few people saw me begin to fade into the prophecy. They will know something about these children to be surspicious"

"No, you will not tell no one.... those words even frighten me" Lady Ever says.

"Its cause they effect you, my lady" Felix whispers then recites the prophecy aloud.

"Six to be born, Of other than gold,

Their wings still true, But you better behold,

The Lady of Ever will let them exist,

And when 16 years have past they must disappear,

To find their fate, to find their gifts of wings

And breakaway into the wind"


The End

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