I watched her for hours staring at her reflection in the mirror, dabbing the red lipstick against her plush pink lips, outlining the rims of her golden eyes with dark black kajal. Softly running a comb threw her hair, lacing up the light high boots.  I could look at her all night, this perfect little creature, so frail… so soft, like an angel, a sweet little angel.

“Will you be home for dinner tonight, babe?” I asked.

“Sorry, go to work late tonight hun, you know the drill.” She pressed her lips gently against my own and walked away, closing the door behind her, leaving me alone, destitute….Without her presence, time seemed to stop.

I knew where she was going, I had followed her time and time again…she was going to see him. It wasn’t her fault…she was too perfect for it to be her fault. She was an innocent little babe in the woods, and he was the predator, the disgusting little slime putting his grubby paws on her sweet, naive body.
But now…I had a plan, by which we would never be apart ever again. She would be safe forever, with me…ONLY me.

So I waited, anxiously watching the clock...

12:33…She was taking longer than usual…

1:39…I could hear the car outside, with obnoxiously loud music playing. Her intoxicated laughter ringing threw the neighborhood.

2:42…The car door slams shut

2:45…She’s walking up the stairs

2:46…She opens the door. I smile.

She stares at the dark room…she stares straight at me, sitting on the chair in front of her. Why does she seem so scared…why? Its ok…I will never hurt her, I wouldn’t dream about it.

“You’re…still awake?” She mutters.

“Of course sweetheart, I’ll wait for you forever, you know that.” I pick up the rope.

“W…what you think you’re going to do with that!” She starts backing towards the door…poor thing. So delusional. Doesn’t she see, I’m trying to save her from this world?
She turns to run…

With a single leap, I pin her sweet body to the floor, making perfectly sure, not a thread of hair is damaged.

“Don’t flail honey, its ok, don’t you worry, I will never hurt you, I’m going to save us both…” I reassure her as I bind her hands and lags. She looks so beautiful when she cries. So beautiful…

She starts screaming…what is she screaming for, she doesn’t have to do that...I’m keeping her safe…I take the duct tape next to me. Gently; I stick the tape over her mouth, and kiss her soft little pink cheeks.  

“This is for both of us.” I whisper in her ear, as I pour the alcohol over our bodies. “I promise, now, no one will take you away from me…we’ll be happy forever…”

She seems so petrified…why? Why I wonder…I’m rescuing her…us both…this way we can be together forever…we can burn together forever, mixed in the ash, inseparable, not even by God himself...



The match is in my hands… She starts flailing her head, trying to scream threw the tape, her desperation…pisses me off a bit. Why is she so blind…WHY? I wanted her to smile, to tell me I was right, but no…poor thing…so stupid…so blind. Such a sweet little creature will only find pain in this world. I had to liberate her, for her sake…for our sake…for MY sake.

I strike the match…she banging her head to the floor… her hair is so messed up, but her fear…it looks so lovely…so stunning.

The match is lit…I smile as I kiss her softly on the neck.

I release the match…she stays still and shut her sweet lids. Completely still, as the match begins to burn her shirt…her hair…I watch, as the flames slowly catch on my trousers… on my skin now…on her skin too…well be together in the ash soon… together forever, and nothing …nothing can keep us apart…together…all eternity…as ash in brilliant flame….

The End

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