Jacob died in a car crash, and now he is dead. But who knew in the after life he would feel so alive? When your dead you are sent to either one of the four worlds. The first one, Artoxa, the second, Lien, the third, Xarvi, and the fouth, Ignok. All are very cursed, and Jacob is stuck in Ignok, the worst world. He must make it to Artoxa. With help of his new girl friend Fox, and this mysteious cube, will he be able to get to Artoxa before his 10 days are up? And he is forver doomed to the fires o

Death happened so soon. I was just crossing the street. The transport came out of no where. It hit me with such force, that it killed me. Who would've known that I would die so quickly? Me? Jacob Foster? Did I really disserve it? Well yeah, I did steal a lot of stuff, and I killed a lot of people, and I am not allowed in some countries. Also that I ran away from home when I was twelve and now I live with my friend who's a drug addict... Yeah I guess me being dead would be, I guess, good for the world.

I'm not religious. I didn't believe in an afterlife or god. Maybe that is why I ended up here? In this place called  Ignok? What a terrible name. Ignok. It sounds like the name of a troll. It seemed very troll like as well. The ground is all brown and there are random volcanoes everywhere. Strange people live here too. All of them look kind of sick, and the strangest one came up to me the other day and gave me this white cube. It is heavy and it makes me tired having to carry it around all the time.

The good news about this place is that I met this really cute chick, named Fox. It suits her. She said that if I don't get to this place called Artoxa, or something like that, I'll burn forever in the under world. She said that traveling there would be hard, but I can handle it. She said she wanted to go there too, so I agreed. I could use some pleasuring when things get tough. She slapped me for saying this. Hey, what can I say? I'm a arrogant sexist jerk. At least that's what my girlfriend said before she dumped me back when I was alive. 

To get to the next world, you have to put the cube thing into a wierd looking statue and everything goes white and you end up in the next world. The worlds are very different, and Fox said that some people die just by going into another world, but like I said before, I could take it. There are four different worlds. World one, Artoxa, the second, Lien, the third, Xarvi, and the fouth, the world that I'm in, Ignok. We are walking to the "Temple of Ignok" right now. Appearently that's were the statue is. According to some other wierdo. I looked up at the temple. It was so high up. All of those stairs. Haven't these people heard of elevaters? So far getting through this world is easy, but according to the same weirdo who directed us, there is this gaurdian guy who gaurds the door that leads into  the room where the statue is. It should be no sweat. Just a few punches from my fist of awsomeness should set things straight. I'll be in Artoxa in no time at all.

At least, that's what I thought anyways, until we started climbing the stairs to the temple. That's when the real trouble began.   

The End

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