I was sitting opposite Tannith Low. She was stunning, no dubt about it. Not to mention a very talented assasin. However, in a straight match between us, it was said that no one could tell who would beat the other out of the two of us. She just had more friends I suppose.

Thing is, she most certainly didn't look the part, all light hair and bright eyes. We both had the same, slim dancer's build that came from being an assasin, but there the similarities ended. I specialised in throwing knives and missiles-she in poisons and hand-to-hand combat. She boasted light hair and brilliant blue eyes. My hair fell in dark, tumbling curls and my eyes were a peircing emerald. Her skin held traces of the sun that was reflected in her personality, mine was pale, almost ghostly. I was the more quiet type, with a feisty streak that sprung up out of nowhere on occasion.

Yet despite all of this, we were friends. Something about shared knowledge and the fact that it was either friendship or become bitter and unyeilding enemies for us; drew us together. It was this friendship that lead me to be sitting in her living room when Artemis Cain and Ghastly Razor errupted into the house.

"You!" I yelled, knives springing to my hands. "You left me behind to the Great Seven! AGAIN!"

Artemis stopped suddenly, seeing me. "Oh. Not good."

The End

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