Ghastly and the first showdown

"Artemis is that you, i have'nt seen you in years how have you been?" Ghastly said happily "look Ghastly i need to talk to you" Artemis said "yes what is it?" Ghastly questioned "in private". Artemis explained to Ghastly about Serpine being released and then looked at the shock on Ghastly's cut red face, "since when?" Ghastly asked "the great 7 believed that he was being good and had changed" Artemis answered "look we need to get the team back together to take down Serpine" I agree" Artemis left the corridor with Ghastly and caught eyes with a man who was sitting at the bar staring right at him, it was Serpine, within seconds Artemis had created an electric ball from his hand and threw it straight at Serpine but Serpine just stretched a hand out and absorbed the ball and disappeared he had got stronger.

Artemis had a long catch up with Ghastly on the flight back to London . And once they got back they both decided who to find next.

The End

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