Serpine: Disguised in New York

 I walked back into my rocky, dank lair, and changed form whilst grabbing my leather jacket. I needed something to eat, so I decided to go out. I had short black hair and a pale complexion. My eyes were still red, but I had contacs for that. The contacs made them a deep blue colour. I was very muscled, with the body of a hardcore athlete- I had to be. If I was found out, I'd have to be able to fight in this form. Girls adored me wherever I went. It was a good design. I'm an artiste.

 When I walked out into the busy streets of New York, a few girls gasped, and turned to look at me, enchanted. I smiled politely at them and nodded. I needed more than just a few girls.

 I walked into a bar, and sat at the, well, the bar, and asked for a Beer. I turned to glimpse the ending of a song, sung by a beautiful woman in a white, beautiful dress. She thanked her tailor when she ended the song. Ghastly Razor...Ghastly Razor? Where had I heard the name before. I turned around to the bar, and caught a glimpse of someone I knew. Artemis Cain. Uh oh.

The End

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