Ghastly the tailor

The first person Artemis was going to look for was Ghastly Razor a great tailor but also a great brawler it was easy to find Ghastly considerng he was making clothes for all of the A list stars. In the newspaper it said that Ghastly was living in New York hiding in his tailor shop the Ghastly Tailor, Ghastly had an unfortunate accdident when he was young, when even then he was getting into fights, then one day a boy brought in a knife and sliced him three times on his face leaving three very large scar's and so ever since Ghastly has been hiding his face.

Artemis got the first plane from London to New York and thought he might have a little sleep considering he had a 3 hour flight.  Artemis  woke up with a patch of dribble on his shirt and one of the pilots nudging him saying "sir wake up we are here" Artemsis jumped out of the seat unaware of the dribble patch on his shirt. Artemis got off the plane and got out of the airport , then Artemis reached for the sheet with Ghastly's adress on it and searched around his pocket but could not find it so he tried the other pocket, again nothing then he realised he had left it on the plane, he sprinted back to the airport but he was to late the plane had left. Artemis stomped about the street's of New York looking at every shop he passed, but no luck so he decided to start asking people if they know where Ghastly Tailor's were but every body just shook there head and walked on. It had been hours since Artemis started looking and still did not find him, the day was now night and so Artemis decided that he would carry on looking for Ghastly in the morning and so stayed in a very flash and expensive hotel. 

As he got into his room the bell boy told him that a very famous singer was singing at the bar tonight and that Artemis should go, but Artemis was naked and so dropped his tired shattered body onto the bed. But Artemis could not sleep and so decided to go to the bar. When he got to the Bar the show had already started and so he plumped himself down on a stool and asked for a beer, when the song had finsished the singer said that she wanted to thank her tailor Ghastly Razor for making her an exellent dress at the last minute, as soon as Artemis heard this he ran backstage searching for Ghastly and then he heard the deep shallow voice "Artemis what are you doing here" it was Ghastly.

The End

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