Serpine: Stupid Humans

 I scowled at the rocky, wet ceiling above. Water dripped down onto the stony ground that I was sitting on. Stupid humans. They could get so annoying sometimes; so full of themselves. That's why I've always wanted to end them- to create a new, better species. A species like myself.

 I sighed as I rose, and ghosted my way to the hole that I used as an entrance and a exit in my horrible, dank, manky cave. At least it was big and roomy. I stared out onto the street below me. Stupid unsuspecting, worthless carbon lifeforms. They should all die.


 I look horrible. My skin is entirely made out of molten rock, and I have red lava flowing through the small ditches that run up and down my entire black body. I have small, angry red eyes that hold an eternity of pain. I'm always scowling. I have Ram-like horns sprouting from my rocky head. Humans are always afraid of me when they see me in this form. But usually, they don't

 Normally, I go out as a human. An incredibly beautiful, handsome man, and I use my beauty to lure women to my cave, and I take all of their energy; their strength, leaving them a lifeless body in the corner. I loved my life.

The End

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