Bounty Hunter

Please join! This story is about a group of bounty hunters who capture destroy evil warlocks, witches and other evil demons. please create a character, and post the bio in the comments. :)

This is a story about a group of bounty hunters who have to solve the case of an evil spirit named Serpine bringing back the ancient evil spirits from the Devil's lair. In doing this the evil Serpine must find the sceptre of Ancients and in finding that can destroy humanity as we know it. But there is one person who can to stop this he is known as the skilled sorcerer Artemis Cain. Artemis is a bounty hunter who has hated Serpine ever since he gave him his blazing red eye after being tortured by Serpine and very nearly killed. Artemis is as well as being a sorcerer he is a skilled brawler and blademaster, Artemis has a very powerful weapon nearly as powerful as the sceptre, a dark blue knife.

Artemis first found out about Serpine being released from Elmsford Prison and from the start Artemis new that it was not a good idea to release Serpine so he confronted the Great 7 a group of very skilled sorcerers.

"Do you understand that you are releasing a very dangerous and crazy sorcerer who believes in the darkness" Artemis shouted but the Great 7 responded as always by disagreeing with him and asking him to leave. So now Artemis had to round up his own squad and take down Serpine by themselves.

The End

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