Dear journalMature

I'll come right out and say this;
This is going to be an incoherent mess XD
The point is simply try to tell the story of a serial killer but with one constrait. Every chapter will change tone, mood, perspective or even writting style. ANYTHING GOES!
Also a bit of a warning, this is going to be deranged.

January, AG, AB

Dear journal...

I've made a new friend today. She's rather shy but I do like her. But does she like me that's what I wonder? I'm not as pretty as she is... What do you think?

I have to say it again, She's rather beautiful with her deep blue eyes that reminds me of the sea, her tanned skin like that of an amazoness, her legs, her voice is musical has the sound of an angel singing.

But what I liked the most was her hair. It was black with pink streaks and it smelled like strawberries.

... I just hope she doesn't mind that I took them...

She seemed so upset. Maybe my knife wasn't sharp enough... When I was done, she wouldn't speak to me and just curled up on the ground.

Oh no! I just realized, I forgot to take her number! That's a shame... At least I get to keep her hair, so that's cool.

PS: Remind me to get my knife sharpened...

The End

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