can you tell what this is about

It's that time of the month again. When you wake up and think, "oh shit I am going to throw up." You sit in the bathroom for a bit and then the pain comes.

A few hours later and you find yourself keeled over in the living room chair (you weren't able to get back to sleep, it hurt too much). You find that if you lean over in a certain way and arch your back slightly, this reduces the pain a fraction. You refuse to move an inch for a few minutes, until this position just won't do and you have to find another one.

You're curled up in the bathroom. The shower dripping is the worst sound you've ever heard.

You're cold. You put layers on-- but clothes makes it hard to breathe. You don't want to wear anything. You're so cold you're shaking and it makes no sense.

You crawl up the stairs on all fours.

A few running-to-the-bathroom's later...

Somehow, you find yourself knelt on your dad's bedroom floor. It hasn't been vacuumed in a while but god know's who cares. You stay like that for a little bit, forgetting to think about what people would think if they saw you know.

You stand up and you're covered in dust and other shit from the floor but it's okay because you've found the hot water bottle you chucked under his bed a few months ago in order to avoid finding a proper place for it.

You can't open the lid. You have to get your mum to do it. "Is there any paracetamol?" It's dissolvable. Is there anyone in the world who can actually swallow that shit?

You wait for the water to boil and crawl to the computer to type all this up. It's a good distraction. Your hands are shaking: you've made more spelling mistakes than you could ever imagine. 

You're overheating and freezing at the same time. Is feeling sick a side-effect, or is this an added-bonus: that flu mum had a few days ago.

Your friend says she's lucky she doesn't get these cramps. She's not lucky, she's blessed by god. No she's not; she's probably the devil. You know what are godsends? Hot water bottles.

You have these because you're not pregnant. You can't really imagine giving birth being much different to this-- except you get nine months off.

The End

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