Bloody Feast

That man... had smelled odd. 

Victor usually did not pay attention to humans, as they lacked the greatness of the RechshafftenWolves, but these Crowned Eagles were always a curiosity. They hunted using their heads and skills with dogs and guns, rather than raw strength. It wasn't what Victor would consider greatness, of course, but the effectiveness was undeniable. These humans would be helpful.

Victor continued his hike through the woods, smelling every inch he could. Usually he was very accurate with his nose, but the scent of rogue wolves was everywhere. Were they surrounding him? 

In the distance there was a succession of dogs barking. Was it that human and his dog? This could be a chance to fight! And to show the humans his greatness! Victor ripped off his jacket and dropped it on the forest floor. Odin would probably scold him for it, but that didn't matter. All that mattered was the battle!

Victor went through the guilt and excitement of transforming, hair covering his bare torso and feet, and clenched Klindefackel in his right hand. Time to fight!

He was off in a flash, heading in the direction of the dog's barking. The Howling Flash would save this human and make the Crowned Eagles realize his greatness! All there-

Victor was shoved to the side by a powerful force, knocking Klindefackel to the forest ground. 

By the Acht! Who had... Victor realized there was a large lycanthrope walking toward him. This one - based on the size and ferocity in it's eyes - was a pure bred. Not nearly pure, like Leon's eldest sister, but pure. This... was exciting!

Victor thrust his own large form at the enemy in front of his eyes, the thrill of battle powering adrenaline into every fiber of his amazing being. The other wolf reacted in kind and soon Victor and his enemy were in a struggle to shove each other back. Victor, due to the overwhelming greatness he possessed, won the struggle and knocked the lesser being onto the ground.

"You are weak," Victor growled just before jumping on his downed opponent and ripping off the fur-covered skin that covered his enemy's neck. 

Blood filled Victors mouth and dripped out and onto his chest as the pure-bred lycanthrope died trying to get air. Such a pity. Victor had thought this one would make him use Klindefackel. He spit out the flesh that had once been his enemy's neck and started to walk over to where Klindefackel had been dropped. Well, at least...


Victor froze every inch of his body to strain his ears. There were three animals - dogs, based on the sound - to the direction of where the human had been attacked. The human's footsteps were there as well, but faint. He must have been far away. But, those weren't what Victor had heard... The ones he was listening to now were in the opposite direction of the human. They were heavy and precise, like a large predator. Based on the sound...


Victor grabbed Klindefackel and didn't bother to suppress his bloody grin. More to fight, more to make him look better! All he had to do was present the scent of their blood and it would prove to Odin that Victor was superior to Leon and that snobby Dante. Victor laughed inside his head and prepared to fight the lycanthrope heading his way. 

They must have known Victor had sensed them, for all of them - Victor guessed two - ceased their stalking and charged. Then again, maybe they just knew how great Victor was after smelling the dead pure-bred. Sadly, they would need more than two to beat him.

They came out of the woods together, both of them large, but not pure-bred. Damn... Victor was hoping for more of a challenge. 

The first of the two wolves - which was slightly smaller than Victor and covered in brown fur - charged straight forward, while the other one - a large, yet surprisingly fast, grey one - circled around. A pincer attack, then? Exciting! 

Victor charged the brown lycanthrope, ignoring the second one for the moment. Caught off guard, the smaller creature hesitated. Victor cursed at this one's inexperience just before clenching the wolf's shoulder in his jaw. The lycanthrope yelped in pain. Despite being a disappointment in battle, the brown wolf's blood tasted good. A third-generation, maybe?

A growl behind him warned Victor of the grey wolf's approach. Victor dropped his sword and grabbed the first wolf by the shoulders, then twisted and threw it into it's larger companion. Licking his lips to clear away the fresh blood, Victor watched his enemies stand up.

"Had enough?" Victor growled, not bothering to pick up his sword. These pathetic creatures weren't worth it. Despite the pure-bred and these two being quite skilled at stalking, it was clear they lacked actual fighting experience. Not even worth killing, really, but Victor had to take care of them. If not for the fact that they dared try to take his life, then for the honor of the RechshafftenWolves. 

The two attacked again, but Victor had lost all the excitement. This was not a fight. No, not at all. A fight was something done between skilled and powerful enemies and one's self, not pups picking a fight with a bear. This was just a feast. A slaughter.

Victor grabbed the injured lycanthrope's neck before it could attack and simultaneously bit into the other wolf's neck. A twitch of the wrist and a jerk of the head and both the enemies were dead with broken necks. Victor let them fall to the ground, feeling sad.

It wasn't that he felt bad for killing them. His duty to the RechshafftenWolves demanded they die and Victor never cared about who he killed, so long as they deserved it. He was a warrior, not a killer. But, these three lycanthropes were so disappointing! No fighting spirit! No experience! No skill! Not even beginners luck or hidden fighting abilities had been in them! Victor hated nothing more than he did an unsatisfying fight. He couldn't show his greatness in one.

"Besser kämpfen in einem nächsten leben," Victor said to the three dead lycanthropes before ripping off the brown one's neck and drinking some of the blood. He would need the scent in the blood to let the others see if they could identify them. 

A necessary feast.

"Is everything al-"

Victor stood from his feast, ready to fight, but it was only the human from earlier. He was with his dogs and had a pistol raised at Victor. "Be calm," Victor growled, beginning the process of changing back, "I am not one of these pathetic pups."

The man - was his name... William? - nodded and put his gun away once Victor finished changing. He still looked on edge, but the dogs were openly hostile. Maybe it was all the blood. 

"Is this all of them?" William asked. 

"Ja," Victor told the human, "Were you attacked?"

William nodded.

"How many?"

"Just one. Went down easy."

"Pups..." Victor picked up his blade and jacket. "Maybe we have nothing to worry about after all, eh?"

William shook his head. "I think this is only the beginning."

Victor laughed. "I hope you're right, human." 

The two of them took to their separate ways. Victor needed to find Odin and maybe Leon. The human was right. This seemed to just be the start of things.

The End

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