The afternoon was brilliant! Warm sun hitting Victor's bare skin, a cool breeze lightly blowing his silver hair, and no one in sight along the path he traveled! The meeting had ended just an hour before, so Victor had left his napping spot lest anyone see just where it was he was sleeping. No one around this part of Headquarters was rare, so Victor made sure to enjoy it to the fullest. It wasn't like he didn't enjoy company, just that people usually didn't like him. Victor was glad to be alone and-


By the Acht! Why did someone so great have to have such terrible luck! 

Victor turned to greet the owner of the voice - a young wolfling by the name of Gotz Helzen. He was a small thing, and new to the Order of Mura to boot. Why did he want someone as great as Victor? Unless... 

"Please don't say what I think you are going to..."

Gotz simply handed a piece of parchment to Victor and headed off. Wasn't much of a talker, really, but Victor liked him for it. Now then, what was he being ordered to do by the great Fang now... Victor read the parchment slowly and with a lot of trouble, but finally managed to decipher the message. Curse his bad writing. Curse this new assignment more, though.

Escort duty, the worst kind of duty...

It was one that usually ended with no battles. No chances for Victor to show off just how fast he was and how his greatness always prevails! Why do they always give him missions like these!? He was the most powerful of the  RechshafftenWolves! If only they acknowledged it....

Victor crumbled up the paper and threw it into an open window two stories higher than him. That was Harold's room. Victor knew because he often saw the  RechshafftenWolf looking out. Victor laughed a little. Maybe he could get a fight out of him for that later. It would be a chance to really practice his abilities. Unlike Mary who had all the skills, just not the muscle to back them, Harold was strong. Not as strong as Leon, though...


According to that scrap of paper, Victor would have to team up with him and someone named Dante. The other name seemed familiar, but Victor wasn't sure he knew of the man. Oh well, someone with Victor's greatness was bound to forget nobodies that couldn't distinguish themselves. 

Victor hurried to his room then. The escort mission was tomorrow. Victor didn't understand exactly what was going on other than that, but that was to be expected. He was too amazing to be troubled with details. All he knew was what to protect and what to destroy with his overwhelming speed. Nothing else to know.

All he needed now was sleep and Klingefackel, his trusty weapon. Unlike others in the Order of Mura who used basic weapons and the like, Victor used the most inconvenient, yet outstanding, weapon he could find. Called Klindefackel, or the blade-flame, it was really just a massive greatsword with a curved top and only one bladed side. Well, there was a steam engine that expelled flames along the back of the blade for looks. Sadly, with the size of the weapon and the engine inside it, Victor had to use his wolf form just to wield it efficiently. Worth it, though.

Victor headed into the building containing his room and quickly climbed the stairs to the second floor. Sleep would be welcome after the training the night before. He could have slept in the tree, but that would have been dangerous with all the people about and going to visit the place. Victor might have snored. 

Turning down the final hallway, Victor nearly ran smack into Alice Wulf, Mary's second youngest sibling. Where had she come from?

"Please watch where you walk, Victor Lichtengel," she said with no hint of emotion. Scary girl, though pleasant. 

"My apologies. For some as great as me, an accident like this would be catastrophic," Victor said with a grin, then dodged around the girl and headed to his room. 

Well, he WAS heading to his room until Leon Wulf, the only male in his group of siblings, walked out of his room and nearly made Victor mow him down. Of course, Leon had a bit of greatness in him as well - not nearly as much as Victor, though - so he simply dodged out of the way.

"Victor, why don't you ever slow down?"

"Sorry, Leon," Victor said quickly, "But I need to clean Klindefackel for tomorrow and get some sleep. You can't outshine people with your greatness if you are tired, you know?" And with that, Victor picked up speed and dashed down the hallway. Left turn, right turn, then stop at the second door to the right. Victor smiled and opened the door to his room. 

Inside was the usual bed and dressers that held his gear. Being still in only a pair of elastic pants, Victor needed the clothing. Of course, he didn't put on any shoes. After he had gotten a shirt and put it on, Victor opened his closet. Jackets nearly filled the small space, but the large box in the back of the closet still stood out. Victor felt a smile creep along his face as he grabbed the box and pulled it out, knocking down a few jackets in the process. They didn't matter, though.

In moments, Victor had the box opened and Klindefackel unsheathed. The blade was heavy, but one as great as Victor was able to pick it up. Tubes that carried steam and some flammable gas ran up the length of the blade, each connecting to vents on the opposite side of the edge. It looked like veins almost and gave the weapon a certain... beauty. It was truly a weapon meant for someone as great as Victor!


Did Leon never knock? "Yes, Leon? If it's about Mary, I swear I didn't fight her. Too young to be fighting the great Victor Lichtengel yet! So..."

Leon was standing in the doorway with a blank expression when Victor looked up. Did Alice get that from him? "It's about the mission. Do you know where we are going or even who we are escorting?"

Victor rolled his eyes. "Well, it's not like I need to know, but I guess it is a meeting of some sort that someone wants to stop. Does that sound right?"

Leon ignored his question. "We are escorting a group to Paris," Leon said, "But the real thing I wanted to tell you is that we may be dealing with rogue wolves. Be on guard."

"Leon, Leon, Leon..." Victor smiled widely and stood up, hefting his massive blade onto his shoulders as he did, "I am the great and fast Victor Lichtengel, also known as the Howling Light! There is no one better than me."

Leon actually smiled at that. "Let us hope that is the case. These rogues have already shown they can kill." Leon turned to leave, but hesitated. "Victor. Make sure you leave one alive for me." 

Had Victor not been so great, he might have shivered at the level of anger in Leon's persona. He truly was one with a bit of greatness.

The End

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