A Place to Nap


The smaller wolf charged Victor Lichtengel once more, again missing when he sidestepped. She was a feisty one, always challenging him time and time again. What was so great about losing to the best all the time? Sure, losing once to the greatest of the RechshafftenWolves was understandable, but this was ridiculous.

Victor dodged another attack and watched as the younger wolfling fell down due to Victor's foot. "Sorry about that," he said as the wolfling changed back into her normal form. Long white hair and a height nearly reaching Victor's own made him think of her as a sister in appearance alone. She dubbed a nearby robe and gave Victor a hard glare.

"Why won't you fight me!?"

Victor grinned. "It is unbecoming of someone so great fighting someone so young!" He would not give the real reason. Well, that WAS a real reason, but not the main one. "Sorry, Mary. Shouldn't you be at the meeting anyway?"

She grimaced. "It's boring," she said," and besides, I have business with you!"

She tried to attack again. With the moon so bright the night before, he had been up training all night. In the end all it did was make him tired, but Mary, luckily, was getting just as tired, and for the same reason. No need to worry then. There was no way she posed a threat.

Victor dodged, but this time Mary was ready. Her fist connected to his stomach. At first, Victor was surprised. She wasn't even in wolf form! But... he WAS tired and she HAD been fighting on someone as great as himself, so... she could have picked up on his superiority.

The only problem with her attack was there was no force. Mary backed away, shaking her hand as if hurt.

"Sorry about that," Victor said, "Now I have to run. Don't tell your brother I hurt your hand or he will get mad..." With that, Victor shed his large jacket and shirt - he would come back for them later - and began the process of transformation. As usual, he felt the immense guilt from his childhood. Losing control had been a sin. But, as his body grew and white hairs sprouted all over his body, he felt ecstatic. His mouth grew longer and white teeth emerged from his lips. Yes, this form was the symbol of the RechshafftenWolves.

And Victor was the best of them.

Thankfully, the hole in his ear stayed the same size, else his small wooden stake would fall out. His pants tightened, but they were made for the these transformations, so they did not break. Unlike Mary, Victor liked having clothes in his wolf form. Except for shoes, of course, as that was just ridiculous.

"Victor," Mary called from behind him, "Where are you always going at these times?"

Victor showed off his massive set of teeth. While standing in this form, Mary no longer looked tall in the least. No, she was a small creature in the face of greatness. "A secret sleeping spot," he growled.

And then he took off, using his massive legs to jump onto the nearest building - which happened to be the base of one of the massive spires that adorned RechshafftenWolves' headquarters. Victor was known to be strong by the others, but not necessarily due to his physical strength alone. Well, not his arms strength anyway. Victor had trained himself to be able to move fast. If you beat your opponent in speed, you probably won. Coincidentally, Victor was able to jump much higher than most of the others. He was called the Geschreilicht, or the Howling Light, due to others seeing him jumping through the sky howling. It only proved how amazing he was.

Claws sunk into the spire and made Victor wince. Surely no one other than Mary would know he made these marks? Last time he had had to repair the wall himself.... 

Victer shook his head. He had to hurry or he couldn't make it to his spot before the meeting ended. Air blew by as he jumped higher onto a nearby roof and then took off on all fours toward the courtyard of the Eight Mura's, a smile splitting open his mouth. It was a good day.

The courtyard never changed. Despite the gloomy appearance of the RechshafftenWolves's headquarters building, with it's large spires piercing the sky and dull coloring, the courtyard was a very colorful and well-maintained place. Flowers and decorative bushes adorned the outer edges, while neatly trimmed grass filled what the walkway did not. In the middle, of course, was the actual reason the courtyard even existed.

Eight trees, each carved with the likeness of a man, stood in a circle in the middle of the courtyard and in their center was the flagpole holding the RechshafftenWolves emblem - a white wolf skull with two guns crossing behind. Such a majestic place, truly.

Victor checked the surrounding area to make sure no one was there. Everyone should have been at the meeting, but like Mary and Victor, some were not. Luckily, none of them were in the courtyard. Victor smiled. As usual, the great Howling Light got his way.

He hurried into the tree with the likeness of Kamra Mura, careful not to climb anywhere on the likeness. That would be disrespectful to his memory. Victor climbed until he reached the top of the tree and found his spot. Like a bed made from heaven, the limbs in this spot conformed to Victor's own body. Was it Kamra watching out for him? Well, it didn't matter anyway. It was a great napping place. One no one else knew of. Hopefully.

Victor changed himself back, going through the same cycle of guilt and excitement, then rested into the limbs of Kamra's tree. With Mary no longer trying to fight him and Odin or the other upper members of the RechshafftenWolves ordering Victor around, he could finally sleep in peace.

The End

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