Death by the RiverMature

Terrance was walking past the river late at night when he heard a strange noise, similar to a dying man's rasping breath. When he looked out over the water, there stood - or rather, floated - his worst nightmare. A demon, playing with him by masquerading as his mother.

"Get out of here," he shouted, trying feebly to frighten the beast away. "Go! Leave!" When the creature continued to linger, he removed his cap and showed his face to the demon. "Don't you remember me?" He said, voice cracking with fear, "Don't you remember what I can do?" He paused, waiting for some sort of response. "Well?" He shouted, now beyond fear. He was furious. "DO YOU REMEMBER? I TOLD YOU TO LEAVE, AND NEVER COME BACK! Yet," he said, lowering his voice, "here you stand before me."

He paused again, waiting, when three more demons appeared. His eyes widened in terror. Four? He could handle one, maybe even two, but four demons? He had no choice. Wrong; he had a choice - fight or die. He chose to fight. He gathered all of his strength and summoned his power, hoping he wasn't too rusty. Mark my words, he thought to himself, this is the last time I will ever use magic. Ever. Then, he let out a ferocious scream and unleashed his necromantic power to annihilate the first creature. He used its own essence, surrounded by that of death, to blast the creature into oblivion.

The remaining three demons approached him, now clearly ready to kill. He summoned his power again, unleashing a gigantic ball of fire, which he divided and used to destroy two of the demons. The remaining demon froze - which was odd. Demons didn't know fear, not that Terrance was aware of. Then, it continued its approach, and Terrance hoped he had the energy to fight it off. He summoned his telekinetic power to hurl a large rock at its head, then to throw a downed tree at it. Still, it came towards him, groaning loudly at him. At that moment, Terrance realized something: this was no demon. This was...something else entirely - something he had hoped never to hear of again. There's no hope, he thought as he collapsed to the ground, struggling to retain consciousness after using so much strength. There's no hope for any of us...

The End

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