Memories of ThenMature

Terrance gripped the butt of his revolver, terrified. He'd been caught scavenging in someone's trash again, and the man had come after him with a knife, shouting threats as he chased Terrance down the street.

Suddenly, a familiar young figure approached Terrance. He lowered the gun, wanting to look somewhat civil.

"Demrin!" he called as the figure came closer.

"Terrance!" the figure called back, and his face darkened when he saw the weapon by Terrance's side. "What have you gotten up to this time, eh?"

"I was caught digging for food again." He saw the warlock's face darken further, and said, "I needed the food! I'm hungry, my supply is nearly gone, and it may have disappeared when I return home." In reality, this home he spoke of was simply an alley where he would be left well enough alone for him to sleep - and it was entirely possible that something, an animal perhaps, had run off with his food while he was away.

"I realize that, Terrance. I was simply thinking that it's quite sad when people resort to violence to defend their garbage from those who could sustain themselves on it." He sighed and said, "Here, have an apple. It isn't much, but it should be enough for awhile."

"Thank you, Demrin," Terrance responded. As Demrin walked away, saying something about demons in the river - or at least, that's what he thought he heard - Terrance's mind wandered back to before things were like this.

He remembered walking with his parents to the edge of town for a picnic one night. His father had actually been sober back then, before his mother died. He remembered playing with the dog they'd used to have, not a care in the world.

Then, his mind came to a darker memory. He recalled the horrifying flash of light, his mother's screams...No. He had sworn to lock the memories of that night away, even forcing himself to forget his most powerful magical ability.

Terrance's mind returned to the present, and Terrance realized that the apple Demrin had given him was doing two very strange things. One, it was floating. Two, it was leaking juice, as if it had been crushed by an immense force. Terrance quickly snatched the apple out of the air, wiping it dry of all the juice. Things like that always happened when he was under stress. He had once thrown out a blast of raw telekinetic energy, knocking down anyone and anything in his vicinity, when he had been upset about something.

That was one of Terrance's talents - telekinesis. He also knew a little about necromancy, but he didn't care to use it much. There was another power, too - one that he had sworn to himself never to use again after the accident.

The End

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