The RiverbankMature

When Reverend Reid left, Demrin shut the door with a sigh. Another demon was not good. There was rarely more than one every couple of months, let alone two in one day. And one was still on the loose.

Returning to his work chambers, Demrin began to fashion a sheath for his dagger. Using a particularly tough material he formed a belt and scabbard for the blade. He strapped on the belt and sheathed the dagger.

He left the house, locking the door behind him. Taking the alleys, he headed for the river. He knew the demon would likely not appear to him. It would not convince him to enter the waters in an attempt to save it. However some of its magical residue may still remain.

The rushing waters greeted him as he rounded the next bend. He could detect a faint trace of the creature, not far from where he stood. He located the spot and began examining the water. There was no sign of the demon; however its residues were definitely still present.

Suddenly, to Demrin’s left, the water began to bubble. A jet black hand burst through the surface and smashed down on the bank, tearing soil and shrubs away as it clawed its way further out. The spiked head of a demon followed, along with a jet black torso.

Demrin unsheathed his silver dagger and held it ready. Summoning his magic, Demrin called on the water. It rose up and crashed down on the demon, trawling it back in. When the demon disappeared, two more rose out to take its place, followed by the original demon returning again.

Demrin threw a ball of fire at one demon, knocking it off its feet. It landed on its back on the riverbank. He hurled a gust of wind at another, then caught it in a whirlwind. The demon was thrown far and it landed with an almighty splash in the centre of the river. The first demon was getting back to its feet, the third demon running straight at him. Demrin slashed at it with his dagger, the blade slicing through demon flesh. The demon caught him with a blow to the side as it passed. Demrin felt a burning sensation there and looked down to see a hole in his robes.

The first demon leapt at him and took him to the ground. It raked his flesh with its claws, slicing the skin of his chest. Blinding pain filled Demrin as the wound began to burn. He threw the demon from his chest with a blast of shadow-magic. He quickly rose to his feet and hurled another blast of shadow at it. It writhed where it lay, the shadow burning it.

Demrin heard scurried footsteps behind him and he spun, slicing across the chest of the approaching demon. It roared, and ear-splitting screech that reverberated around the riverbank. Demrin resisted the urge to cover his ears and slashed at it again. The blade left a long gash on the beast’s face, its flesh melting away at the touch of the silver blade. With a flick of the blade, the demon’s head was off, its body crumpled on the ground.

Demrin sat down on the bank, breathing a sigh of relief. He watched as the last demon burned in the shadow, its life draining away. He pulled a herb from his pocket, crushed it in his grasp and summoned water to mix with it. Quickly, he applied the paste to his wounds and felt the burning cease.


Demrin knocked on the door of the witch’s house. She answered after a moment and, seeing who it was, gestured for him to enter. He followed her through into a room where they took a seat.

“To what do I owe the pleasure?” Miriam asked.

“I bring grave news, Miriam. Grave news indeed”.

“Pray tell. What is this grave news?”

“Yesterday, I was summoned back to the Wright residence. They believed their Ghoul had returned”.

“Really? And had it?”

“Not likely. You know well a Ghoul wouldn’t return that quick. It was a demon. It left a mark on me” he showed her the burn on his arm, “but I dispatched of it. Then today, the Reverend visited with me. He had heard tell of a blue demon in the river. Supposedly it led Miss Henrietta Fauxord into the river. Naturally, I went to investigate soon after the Reverend’s departure. Instead of finding a blue demon, I was ambushed by three, blacker than the night itself. They left me with more than one mark I can tell you”.

“Fascinating. Four demons in two days, and a supposed blue demon also”.

“My worries exactly. Why so many, when we barely see four in a year?”

“It seems odd alright. I believe we should sit back for now, observe what happens. If there are more demons to come, you or I can easily dispatch of them”.

“That we could. I have business to attend to. Thank you for your time”.

Demrin rose and let himself out.  

The End

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