Going to see the ReverendMature

Henrietta clutched her throat and sat bolt upright, panting  heavily. She looked around, expecting the water to be swirling around her head, rushing through her hair. But no, it was just a bedroom. The walls may have been blue but they did not resemble water in the slightest, but it did give them a rippling effect as the morning sun beamed on them.

'Hattie! Your awake!' Anne cried, jumping up from the chair she was occupying.

'I fell into the Nidd. Who pulled me out?' Henrietta asked groggily, pushing her limp hair back from her forehead.

'Edwin did, he spotted you and jumped right in after you. In your sleep you kept on saying something about the blue girl... who is she?' Anna asked curiously.

'I have no idea... nope, not a single clue.' Henrietta said cooly, now she had woken her up and her brain was functioning with some decency, she thought about the blue girl. She must have been a demon, or a witch. There was only one witch in the village that Henrietta knew of and her family detested her , because witches are vile, inhumane beings of magic. The only person who wielded magical powers that she trusted was the village warlock and that was only because he chased away the ghost which was living in their attic.

'Hattie? What's the matter?'

'Nothing, I just need... I think I should go see the Reverend. I have some things I need to pass by him,' Henrietta told her sister, 'please get the maid to retrieve me dress and tell her I need her to do my hair.'

'OK, Hattie... you take it easy, though. If it was Edwin doing this, he'd be chaining you to the bed to make sure you got some rest!' Anne laughed, leaving the room.

Henrietta stretched and yawned while she got out of bed, she closed the door as she pulled of her night gown, she sat on the edge of the bed, shivering with the cold.

There was a light rap on the door and the maid entered, tutting Henrietta, 'I'll tell you again, mistress Fauxord, don't sit around in the nude! You'll catch a cold!'

'I am perfectly fine.'

'Twenty... honestly... your twenty! Have some modesty, mistress Fauxord!' The maid sighed, preparing a dress.

Henrietta changed and sat down as the maid combed her hair, until it was straight as a buckle.


Henrietta entered the church, a few people were kneeling down at the front of the impressive angel statue at the top of the church.

'Excuse me, is the Reverend in?' She asked the villagers, they pointed towards the alter where he was flicking through the Bible.

He looked up as she approached, her heeled boots clacking on the tiles loudly, smiling at her he said, 'goodmorning, Miss Henrietta! What do I have the pleasure of today?' She noticed his voice lacked the happiness that usually filled it and there were dark circles underneath his eyes.

She shuffled a little closer, giving a small smile, before her face turned serious, 'Reverend... I believe I saw... a demon.'

His face fell and he looked at Henrietta seriously, 'do you have any proof to back up this?'

'Only my word, Father... it was in the form a little girl with bright blue hair, eyes and lips. She said something I didn't really understand... then she jumped into the river and melted.'

'My dear girl, are you sure you weren't dreaming all of this? Demons and such often come forward in dreams.'

'No, I'm sure! It was real! Should I tell Demrin?' Henrietta said quickly, looking around to see if anyone was listening in.

'I don't know... at this time... I think it's best to just leave it...'

'Oh..' Henrietta stood there awkwardly, wondering what to say next.

The End

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