Alive, not livingMature

Grerory paced about the church. It was going to time for the service in less than half an hour and he'd been wondering about the theme for th day. It was close to easter so the lesson was on Lent but it wasn't too sure. It didn't feel right at the moment.

"Are you ok Reverend?" Wilkes was sitting at the table in the back room with him. He was re-reading the book of Genesis.

"I suppose." He looked out the window at his mother's grave. He'd planted a small heather bush in the newly turned ground. The mason in the nearest village had done a wonderful job on the gravestone - putting a small family insignia above her name.

"Is it 'bout your Mam?"

"Maybe. Things just don't feel the same."

"Come on Reverend - cheer up. It's time for the service." Wilkes gave the Reverend his small cup of tea which was half drunk and tepid. the reverand drank heartily and left the room, muttering his thanks. Sometimes his verger was insightful.

"Good morning..."


The service over the Reverend was tired. He left the church and went home. He saw to the dogs and went to bed. He didn't feel like eating, so fell asleep quickly.

His dreams were full of dark monsters, the darkness of his dreams was starting to follow him in his waking moments. Northing felt right, everythign was as if a dark hue and colored everything.

The End

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