The Blue ChildMature

Henrietta stood outside the house, staring at the rose bush which still bloomed wonderfully, even though it was planted when she was just a child. She smiled at the nostalgic memories of Edwin and Anne running around, squealing happily while Henrietta, the calm, collected child sat down reading her books.

Sighing, she walked slowly to the garden gate, swinging her arms loosely. Henrietta looked up in surprise as a faint clunking noise rang out through the back garden, she narrowed her eyes as she spotted a young child standing at the gate which barred off the River Nidd which ran through their garden.

'Child? What's wrong?' Henrietta called out, approaching the gate cautiously, the child could not be made out as male or female; until she come closer. She really did look like something out of the fairy tales Henrietta read when she was a little girl, short curly hair of some strange metallic blue, as were her eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and lips. White-pale skin made these features stand out strongly. She could be no older than six or seven.

'Little girl? Why are you standing so close to the river?' Henrietta asked gently, putting a hand on the gate. The girl looked at her hand and flinched away from the fence, looking at Henrietta with eyes brimming with something crude which made Henrietta shiver.

'We will... ugh!' The child began, the girls voice did not resemble that of a child, it sounded like a thousand male voices, echoing. She had cringed when the light hit her face, Henrietta studied the blueish mark the sunlight had left.

'Ah! You should come in! Your hurt!' Henrietta began, but the blue child just bared her teeth and fell back into the river, 'little girl!' Henrietta shrieked as the girl appeared to melt as she touched the water.

Henrietta thrust the gate open, holding her breath as she dived into the water in a dire hope to save the blue child that has just disappeared into thin air...

The End

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