My LifeMature


After the Reverand left from giving us the dirty rice, my Mother started on the rice pudding; first washing the rice, then cooking it, whilst I started on the main course. I peeled the home-grown potatoes as my older brothers were in our garden, picking the lettuces and tomatoes. Soon, our dinner was ready: vegetable stew and rice pudding for afters. I did the washing up then went to hang the laundry outside, all the time chatting to my younger sisters, Ella and Emily. This was my life and I was happy to have it. I enjoyed helping out with my family, especially as I had been "gifted". I could do any magic, but my strongest type was healing and elemental. And... well, I can do necromancy. It's a dark magic where you control the shadows, and... Death. I'm not proud of it, and, to be honest, I don't know how I got into it, but once I started learning it, I couldn't seem to stop.

After I'd put the laundry on the line, I shouted bye to Mother and went for a walk into the village. We lived on the outskirts of Cattal, but we didn't much money,so we couldn't use a horse & carriage; we had to walk. I was wandering through the country lane when I realised that I was alone. I grinned. Time for some magic practice!

The End

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