Bloodied RiverMature


Henrietta sat on the arm chair, her knitting needles moving swiftly, producing a finely woven scarf which was to be worn by her younger sister, Anne.

She, her father, mother, brother and two sisters lived in a large manner which took up quite a fair bit of space in the quaint village of Cattal. It was so large in fact, that the river that surrounded the village went through her garden.

'Hattie! Hattie! You must come see! Brother has brought a women home!' Anna, the youngest of the Fauxord sisters, at the age of nine, burst in. Her cheeks her pink as though she had been running and Henrietta set down her needles.

'Has he now? Well, we must go see this, or else I shall not believe it.' Henrietta smiled, standing up and brushing off her skirt.

The Fauxord family were the owners of Cattal, every single property in the village belonged to them, well, their father. But being the richest family in the village wasn't easy because of the strict lifestyle to uphold, which meant the children of this family could not step out of line. Ever.

So, at the age of 20, it was unusual that Henrietta was not married. Every time they brought in a collection of groomed, and rich consorts to the house, Henrietta had always said, 'No, father. These men are not to my tastes.'

'How is Harry, by the way, Anne?' Henrietta asked her younger sibing. Anna blushed and nodded, Harry was Anne's fiancee and they were to be married when they turned 15.

'He is well.' She replied quietly, her fingers entwining. Henrietta smiled and stroked Anne's hair tenderly, 'when will you be married, sister?'

'I don't know, Anne, I do not know.' Henrietta sighed, 'all of these men father brings in are just in it for the money, I want to get married with love, much like you and Harry.'

'But it was thanks to father we found love, you should just trust his decisions.' Anne mumbled, stopping as they approached the kitchen door.

'Here, are they in here?' Anne asked the maid in a voice brimming with excitement.

'Yes, young mistress.' The maid replied, opening the door for the sisters.

Their brother, Edwin was perched on the kitchen counter, smiling and laughing with a pretty girl. She really was a fair maiden, long curly locks of copper-coloured hair, tan skin with dark freckles which stood out against her skin, she was thin and delicate. Henrietta sighed in envy at the beautiful girl.

'Edwin, would you give us the pleasure of meeting your friend?' Henrietta asked, interrupting their seemingly intimate conversation.

'Ah, sorry Hattie!' Edwin jumped off the counter, knowing if he stayed on, the chef would scold him, 'this is Erica, she moved here from America! Isn't that wonderful?' Edwin beamed at Erica, and Erica smiled faintly back.

'Chef, could you make some tea for us?' Anne smiled, skipping up to her favourite servant(only because he provided her with cakes), Chef nodded, setting to work.

'Edwin, go get the table mats, please.' Chef told Edwin, knowing he would be obliging to do so, Edwin nodded and left.

'Honestly! Making a young master do such things! Your family must not have enough servants!' Erica grunted in a heavy Texan accent, it took Anne and Henrietta a while to figure out what she had said.

'Excuse me?' Anne gasped, dumbstruck by their guests sudden lack of manners.

'Don't you go on at me, Shortie. I'm only in it-- Edwin!' She flung herself at their brother, he dropped the table mats and Anne rushed over to pick them up.

'Don't bother with the for me, Chef. It seems I need to finish my scarf suddenly!' Henrietta said quickly, exiting the room sharpish.

This is why I shouldn't marry through father connections... always to do with the money... Henrietta thought in her head sadly, she entered the living room once again and returned to her knitting.


The End

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