The Lillies Bloom

Lilly awakened, which was strange first of all as death had become so close. Secondly she found it even stranger as the dank surroundings that encased her was that of an old hospital. The red cross peeling off the wall slightly as something far away dripped incessantly, just like the ticking of a clock.

She pushed herself up to take a better look around her, she blinked and allowed a few moments for her vision to return. When it did she blinked once more, for she could swear she knew this place.

The bricks were old, black and crumbling, a few wooden beams could be seen through the plaster of some walls, leaving her very uneasy about her resting place. But on top of the unsteady urge to run off something held her there, some knowing that whoever saved her was still here.

She rubbed her eyes and stood, instantly feeling her head swim and feel heavy, she lifted a hand to keep it steady as her surroundings swayed. She stumbled. One hand holding her head, the other searching for a wall of flat object. She felt and heard the crumble of concrete beneath her fingers and she leant against it.

"Oh..." she moaned, "what...?" She asked the question, though she knew no one was round to answer and if there was they could not answer, what kind of question was it? And who could answer it? She sighed, her mouth could not form the words she wanted, "Jamie..." she muttered.

That seemed the only word that mattered, but seeing as the word could not leave her tongue without tipping it with poison and burning it she wished not to speak it again.

"What cruel person has done this to me? Why didn't you let me die?" She growled, after finally gathering her speech. "What demon has brought me back?"

The End

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