Slowly Jekt staggered into the shadows. This unplanned ending disturbed him, however he wasn't in a  condition to do anything about it. Finally the drugs had worn of and in this freezing weather he needed shelter. Lilly would of course die without some kind of medical attention, however Jekt was likely in the same position. Trained and conditioned int he use of these combat enhancing syrette's he still felt the overwhelming damage they did to a humans internals. Blood darkened the corner of his lips.

Amongst the throngs of the undercity, hidden amidst the homeless, Jekt felt at home. Something about being alone with a throng of others was reasuring to him. He felt human for a time. Still huddling here wouldn't achieve anything. For a moent he had found a way to save the city. Save them all. He'd dramaticly misjudged Jamie's character, even more so Lilly. Blast . He spat blood and slumped into a corner. Not to far of 4 elderly men stood around a burning 60 Gallon drum. The warmth was close enough. Was there anyone else, his mind raced. The child, to young. Still there was potential there. Money hadn't changed them much. Fear had however lead him streight into the hands of the next tyrant to be. God damned. He spat blood again, this time it was a darker shade of red, and it stuck to the cement in the rain. Clots was never a good sign. He fumbled for his phone. 

  "Doc, its bad. You got room for two."

Phillip picked up the phone. It was always bad news. Only because he knew bad people. Jekt wasn't the worst. He always had the worst news.

  "I can't just keep putting people back together Jekt, there is a limited supply."

  "Make her like me."

  "I can't, she won't survive."

  "She won't survive anyway. We need her."

 "What are you talking about Jekt, the city is lost just let it go. In a few months in safe houses then we go back to rebuilding."

  "I need her Brother. "

  "What ?" Phillip stopped, looking around the dimly lit lab he noticed that it had never really been cleaned. Somehow the rank and decay from the experiments performed here had marred the walls with a perminent  ichre. "Jekt."

  "I need her Brother"

  "Where are you ?"

The End

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