Iris: Blood.

I lay there. My own home. Blood covering me. Stupid bestfriend. Cherry Byte is her name. People call her Byte. Typical, for her. Sweet, but deadly. Now just deadly. I could agree there. She was the most powerful person I knew. She had never been inside the Bloodbox.

Cherry Byte, or Byte, was close to my appearance. Apart from her eyes. They were light brown, but she d been taking something to change them. Now they were dark brown, tinged with red. She was more beautiful, more cunning, more everything than me.

"I have to do this. You know that."

"See ya later. Maybe soon. Depends on your wits really. Find a guy called Zelos. He'll show you the way to go. Take Noir."

"And what way is that, little sis?"

"The Bloodbox." and with that, I fell into oblivion.

---Cherry Byte---

She knew I was going to kill her. She knew I had to eventually. She knew how messed up I was. You see, I like blood. Everyone knows that. Cherry Byte. Cherries = sweet, red, tasty. Byte = what you use to get he cherries. I think of myself as a vampyre sort of person. I had already shot her three times, once in the leg, then in the arm, then the stomach. The blood pooled around her. I waited till she was dead.

"Sorry bout this, Iris." I whispered, putting my teeth to her neck, biting in hard. Her warm blood  gushed into my mouth. I ulped it down, and pulled away. Zelos huh? Never heard of him. Bloodbox? Sounded like my sort of place. I smiled, liping my lips, and cleaning my chin. I closed Iris's eyes, and tied up her wounds. I lay her in her own bed, and left, holding Noir in one hand, Scurro in the other. Same meanings, diffrent in so many way.

Now for the Bloodbox.

The End

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