Choices - Jekt

He watched as Jamie shrugged of her attempt to comfort him. Of course she wouldn't last long in her condition. Jekt moved silently among the milling faces in the shadows. No one noticed the infirm, homeless people that shuffled like a constant mass within the shadows of the city. Even in this cleaner part of the city they swarmed like moths to a fire. Literally. There blank broken expressions watching as another dream became ashes. Jamie had reacted as expected. Jekt had hoped Lilly would delay him though it was unlikely. This was of course the solution. Let Jamie kill Zelos, watch as the city collapsed into a vicious power struggle. However over the years Jekt had changed, his original programming demanded action that allowed a party to take power in the aftermath. This time, Jekt wanted the power dissolved and only one man he knew could do that. 

  "You can't just confront him, he wont let you leave alive." Jekt  was behind Jamie barely a breath between them. Jamie spun his fists already prepared for the worst. "I'm not an enemy Jamie, I simply want to save this city."

  "Who are you ?" Jamie found himself staring at a dirty beggar hunched over and twisted. "What do you want from ..." Jamie thought for a moment. "Who are you ?"

  "I am a friend." Jekt slowly stood his six foot plus figure suddenly quite intimidating even against the well trained former Gym owner before him. Zelos doesn't know you, doesn't fear you and has no interest in your actions. If you strike now we will lose everything. Your Gym, was a strike at Lilly. She doesn't know it but she is as important as you."

  "Get out of my way." Jamie was tired, more than a little aggrivated and right now wanted nothing to do with some oddly tall hobo, with... pointed beast like teeth, Why is it the brain can miss such glaringly insane details. " ... what are you ?" Jamie asked no fear in his voice. A minor distraction from his current course.

  "I told you Jame. I'm a friend, of the city and hopefully, a friend to you." Jekt nodded behind me a vague expression towards the struggling Lilly. "She needs to be alive when the time comes. There are plan's in motion against Zelos but they all lead to one thing."

  "What ?" Jamie scowled his patience was waning the fire of his gym burned within him an danger that rose and ebbed like the sea in a vicious coastal storm.

  "Your Gym is one of many, if Zelos falls another will replace him."

  "I don't care Zelos has to pay." Jamie's face contorted into rage and anguish, everything his brother his Gym the life they had led to survive in even mediocre comfort.

  "The city is dead Jamie. Zelos isn't he problem he's a symptom. " Jekt shuffled his beggar outfit off. He stood in a pair of jeans and a single bandolier strapped around his chest. Jamie hissed his eye's raised. "These scar's are the cities gift to me. We all suffer." Jekt shrugged in the direction of a small group of huddled figured garbed in dirty clothes and warming themselves over a burnt out sixty Gallon drum.

  "What do you want with me ?" Jamie looked away fromt he vicious scarring across Jekt's chest.

  "I want you to kill Zelos." Jekt  wrapped the dirty cloak around his torso, Jamie for some reason could only think of a bat. "I awn't you to kill him and take his place."

  "No." Jamie turned and began off in his original direction. His teath were clenched as he suddenly noticed them everywhere. Homeless, women and children huddled in corners while men ventured out for scraps of wood. He knew Jekt was right. The City was dead but, no. Right now, Jamie needed to do something.

He stopped again spun on his heel, Jekt was gone however Lilly was not. Something in his head clicked. Lilly fell, catching herself on the cold cement the rain beating down against her back. Red stained the cement below her even as the rain washed it away streaks would find themselves in the cracks and creases. James swore and made his decision. He wasn't sure what Jekt was talking about, didn't really care for some political garbage between rival bookies and gangs. No his decision was more natural. His brother, or the woman who killed his brother, one would have to wait.

The End

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