The Flaming Embrace

I barely grasped my consciousness before I was picked up by this tall man, I didn’t care to take note of who he was, what he was doing I just wanted to leave. When I was finally put down again I took a few moments to collect myself. I had no idea what to do, where I would go; where I was. I figured I should go home... home, I don’t have a home. Then perhaps the gym, yes, I would go to the gym and find Jamie.

At least I still had the clothes on my back, my mind had slowly returned to me as well. I brushed the hair from my face, placing the dirty strands behind my ear. Something sticky clung to them and when I stared at my fingers I saw the blood, the deep red, sticky substance clung to my skin, my hair. I looked around, and when I found no body I instantly fled. It took me a while to re-gain my balance but I made it, slowly and silently leaving the building.

It had been raining and small pools of water adorned the path. I took this opportunity to glance at myself; blood had dried from a nosebleed. My eyes were worn; my hair was a mess and stuck together with blood. My head I figured was still bleeding. But I dismissed it; I had been in a worse shape. I asked around, asking for directions to the gym. Eventually, I did get an answer but more horrified stares or people advising me to go to the hospital.

I immediately and hastily walked toward the gym, taking the biggest steps I could. I would have begun to run but I was still slightly woozy and I would have thought that my grace and balance would have failed me. When I got into town the air was full of smoke, my head was already spinning and the toxic fumes just seemed to make it worse, but I was determined to wade through the smog that was enveloping the town.

The gym, when it came into view, was a horrific sight, the smoke and fire pluming into the sky. It created a bright orange streak, as if it was reaching up to the sun. I hung back for a while, admiring the beauty and destruction at once. I was always a fan of art; in fact when I was younger I was quite the dancer. But, for now I took a few steps forward, counting each one so as not to lose my balance again, then I saw the figures stood by it. They were trying desperately to rescue the building. I smiled, even though I found my own health fleeting, just as the building was deteriorating.

I was somewhat glad no ambulance’s came. I did not want to go to the hospital; I would not accept defeat like that. You may find me silly for finding it a type of defeat but I thought that if I was to go and seek medical attention that would mean I was seriously injured. I was stubborn like that, but do not misunderstand; I do not have a death wish. I never did, the blood box was a mistake. A bet I should have never taken a dare I should have never followed through with.

Now I stood, gazing at the fire that embraced the building; igniting the darkening sky. The fire began to die as the wind raged on and rain began to fall from the sky. The building stood and the men seemed relieved, as was I. Not only because the gym stood, but because I was with him again... “Jamie.” I smiled, my fleeting health made me sure that I could not move. Instead I stood still; my tone was soft as my voice began to waver. No, I had only just got here I could not leave again. I reached up my hand and touched the pain in my head, the sticky substance still oozed from the wound. The wound which I wasn’t sure where it had come from, I looked at him, I stopped smiling but my eyes still continued as I looked at him. Why had I gone for him, why did my mind flicker straight to him when I thought of home?

The End

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