Mustaro's Plan

"We've done all we can now." Henry said placing the fire extinguisher on the floor. The gym was now a smoking ruin and the three men stood and stared at the charred remnants of the building.

Mustaro slammed his extinguisher to the floor and weezed. He hadn't excerted himself this much in many a long year. He looked up at the man that had helped them, who stared at the steam now rising from what was his livelihood.

"This yours?" He asked nodding to the wreck.

"It was." The man replied. Mustaro nodded and began fishing in his pocket, he pulled out a small card and handed it to the man,

"Names Mustaro, give me a call in a week or so and we can sort this out." He looked at the ruin intently, looking inside at the smoky ruins of a reception desk and outside at the charred and ruined walls. "It's fixable, don't worry about it."

The sound of car engines could be heard nearby, the sound grew louder and louder. Henry stood and held his hand out as if hailing a taxi. The cars stopped, Henry climbed in one and Mustaro climbed in the other. The man at the gym turned and waved a thanks to the two as their cars screeched into the distance.

"Mustaro, I-I" Garson said as the man he addressed climbed wearily in the car. "I have so many things."

"Queit." Mustaro said quickly, dismissively. " Driver. We are making a quick detour. Take me to the third house on eleventh street." The driver nodded and the car turned.

"Where are we going?" Garson asked anxiously, he began to look round the area with confused alarm.

"I learned something recently." Mustaro said thoughtfully, he pulled his pipe out from under his jacket and lit it. Garson coughed a little as the smoke filled the car. "Zelos' memories, the one about his wife. It's all wrong."

"What do you mean?" Garson squinted a little to show his confusion as he opened the window slightly. He did it subtly so as not to seem impolite.

"Elena, his wife, is alive."

* * * *

"A message sir." Blane said from outside the study door. He cautiously stepped in, darted over the desk and nodded to Zelos as he began to leave.

"Blane." Zelos said, holding his good hand up.


"Take the body of this imposter. Cut off it's head and put it on display.

"What? Isn't that-"

"Don't question me damn you just do it!" Zelos barked, he was still shaking with rage at the recent attack. Blane nodded submissively and left without another word.

The boss relaxed in his chair once more. He picked up his cigar and placed it between his teeth before opening his message.

I have something for you. It will be with you soon enough. You won't see it coming.


Zelos read the short note over a few times. He laughed a little at it, Mustaro was clearly getting a little too brave if he thought he could threaten him like this. He opened his desk and checked his revolver was loaded. It was. Taking a large drag on his cigar he began to laugh more, stronger this time, a menacing laugh, full of mania.

The End

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