Rescue - jekt


Jekt moved with purpose. Going ‘home’ had revealed more than he wanted. Light on truths left un known.  Hurley was a brutish looking man, obviously a thug. Muscles seemed natural however Drug use was not out of the question. Jekt didn’t waste time on him, simply left him unconscious in the hallway. Slipping through the door Jekt came across Port. Port was something else, a hulking mass of cruelty, currently wailing against an already unconscious woman. Silence wasn’t nescesary now, rather a message needed to be sent.

                “Hello hurley.” Jekt used a diplomatic tone, as if he was a receptionist at a 19th century Chateau. “I rather think, you have something I need.” Hurley was surprised to say the least.

                “Who are you ?” He blinked under the interrogation light, his role suddenly reversed. “How did you get in here ?” His composure was gone, bewildered. Obviously not the brightest, then again it was obvious his talent lie in more direct ways.

                “I came through the door, like any civilized person.” Jekt continued to move forward, walking calmly, directly his eyes narrowed as he focused his attention on the Brute before him. “Keep this civilized and perhaps we can both walk out.”  Jekt grinned, a vicious curve breaking on his gaunt face. Hurley recovered almost immediately.

                “Oh I see, well good sir perhaps we ought to discuss some matters before you leave.” People always thought less of Hurley, his frame made him out as the thug, perhaps that is why he rose so quickly through the ranks. Ever above his station and yet somehow he was the right hand of the blood box. He backhanded the woman leaving her body sprawled on the filth covered floor. “Yeah, we ought discuss them proper like.” Hurley moved, faster than his logic would deem possible.

                “I’m sorry Hurley, you have misunderstood the situation.” Jekt caught his fist mid swing. It was comical, the tallish gaunt figure an elderly gentleman in a pin striped business suit crushing Hurley’s raised fist. “Either you leave this room, or you don’t leave this room. “Jekt grimaced his face changed, his pointed teeth baring as he snarled at Hurley. “Your choice !”

                “what... wh....” Hurley stammered,  and loyal as he was this was not the time to prove it. Chances are the old man was on PCB, in an hour he would be facing a downer like no other but right now he was invincible. Hurley wasn’t stupid. Nero would be pissed, but the security tapes would be enough. “Ok, we can be civilized.” Hurley relaxed and stepped back. However Jekt did not release his hand.

                “I’m sorry Hurley, I misrepresented myself. “Jekt calmed himself, again the elderly gentleman yet still maintaining his crushing hold on the thug’s hand. “I told you, you could leave here. I mentioned nothing of how you would leave. Hurley’s eyes widened as pain coursed through his body.

Lilly awake, she was groggy yet aware. Somebody was picking her up, gently. Then with a quick movement she was slung over a tallish man’s shoulder. She smiled; it was an impish grin as she saw the crumpled figure of Hurley, crawling. His limb’s where a mess. Multiple breaks and fractures left his limbs a distorted mess, his face almost black from bruising. Perhaps it was the concussion but she swore she couldn’t see any blood.

Jekt moved quickly, the beating was a delay tactic. Money could fix anything, usually better than before and this was something Jekt knew all too well. More importantly the drug’s would wear off soon, he needed to be somewhere safe when that happened.  Heading home had been the right thing to do, if it was somewhat revealing. “why cal it home, you know the truth now” Jekt was used to the internal voice by now, and ignored it. “At least it’s safe. No one would be fool enough to return that place.” This time Jekt smiled at his inner self.

                “Home is where the heart is.”

The End

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