One Way Mirror

Port stood outside the door, waiting his turn. He wanted to give Hurley a chance to sink his teeth into the captive, but he also wanted to do the bulk of the talking himself. He was therefore relieved when no real shouting could be heard, and Hurley emerged from the room with no blood on him. This was Port's area of expertise.

'She's all yours, man,' said Hurley, who had obviously been annoyed somehow.

Port let the door slowly swing shut, then, before it clicked and had to be opened by the handle, let his leg jut out, connecting hard with the door and letting it fly back open, making the girl at the table jump. He relished moments like this, where he could fully exert his power.


The table flew out from in front of Lilly and connected with the wall, before she was hit hard in the face by the full brute force of Zelos' favourite henchman.

'You can't just leave when you're tied down!' The beefy man in front of Lilly yelled right in her beaten face. She was bleeding again, but from everywhere it seemed. Her face stung, and she couldn't feel anything except agonising pain.

'I- I'm only tied down if I want the money...' Lilly mumbled.

'Then why don't you stay and fight for it, huh?!'

'Because I don't want it any more... I don't want any of this. I'm only here...'

'You're only here because you wanted the money?' The man assumed. He assumed wrong. 'You're only here because you want the money, but now you don't! You can't just change your damn mind!'

'I don't care about the money any more... I was never here because I wanted the money... I was here because I needed the money... My sister...'

'Alison, yeah, we know about her. Shame we don't know where she is though, so we can't give her the money. Shame she ran away before we could get it to her. Now, look who's repaying her time in the Bloodbox!'

'I don't need it any more...' Lilly huffed, forcing the words out. 'I only needed it because of Zelos in the first place. Because of this stupid Box! He killed my mother, forced my father into this... We needed the money, but he wouldn't pay...'

'Shut the hell up, I don't want to hear this!'

Lilly blacked out again, but not before she felt a sharp burst of pain on the front of her face.

The End

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