When Lilly came to her head pounded, her stomach ached and blood had dried from her nose. Her hands hung limp by her side and her hair was mess and tangled with mud. She tried to talk but her throat was dry. She looked around once her eyes focused. It was a dark, gloomy room a light shone down from a flickering light bulb, allowing her to see a metal table in front of her. She saw her hands were tied together with rope. She tried to breathe as thoughts whirled around her head, but they became silent when BANG!

A man threw his fist on the table, demanding her attention. She refused to look up and winced as he slapped her. “Lilly, hello,” he smirked, pulling up a chair on the other side of the table facing her. He didn’t look familiar and his voice was hoarse, she knew he was going to enjoy this, whatever it was. She nodded back as he handed her a bottle of water. “Here. I need you to be able to talk.”

She drank the water; soothing her throat she slowly felt her voice returning. “What do you want?” She mumbled. He nodded and got straight down to business. “Your money, your inheritance but since you quit the bloodbox that is no longer valid, Lilly you have to complete your years in the box.” His voice was calm, although a little evil.

She shrugged. “It is void now, I quit I can’t get that back.” She figured there was no point in lying she wanted to stay as intact as possible although she knew they would hate the truth. She was right, the man’s breathing became uneven as he stood and began pacing the width of the room. “Okay, so where will it go now?” He breathed, struggling to keep his voice even.

“Alison.” She replied. He stopped, turning to her, “Who’s that?” She was beginning to get sick of this good guy thing. She sort of guessed that behind that door would be a hulk ready to kick the daylights out of her, she looked at the door intently and he slapped her again. “Who’s that?” He repeated calmly.

She looked him in the eye, “my sister. If I was to ever die or quit the money would be handed to her. One problem.” She smiled as the man had leaned over the table, intent on finding the story. “Problem?” He wondered. She nodded. “Yeah. No one knows where she is, so good luck with that.” She grinned and he slapped her, making her cheek turn bright red. “Shut up! I’ll be back later.”

With that he was gone, leaving Lilly alone. She couldn’t help but think of Jamie. “Oh I do hope everything is okay...”

The End

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