Humanity lost

It had been hard to keep track of who was chasing who, after a while. Even Nero was confused. His opponent was certainly giving him a run for his money.

But they had caught up with each other and it came down to whose hands would cause most damage. Nero saw the man flit down a corridor, and with an expression of grim determination, he followed. His smile had faded ten minutes ago, the animalistic chase driving his senses into overload. The game of cat and mouse had become so intense, both of them had completely forgotten about the crowd watching eagerly as they hunted each other down.

Sweat trickled down his forehead and dripped into his eye. The second it took to wipe it away was a second that the man took as an opportunity to bring Nero crashing down to the floor. Nero had had the presence of mind to pick up a piece of the mirror that had been broken when one of them wasted their shot, but it flew out of his hand as he crumpled.

A fist slammed into his face. There was a crunch of cartilage and Nero shouted as agony blossomed in his face. He swore violently, returning the favour, punching the man's throat. The man coughed, but his grip didn't loosen. Punching up again, Nero heard a satisfying crunch as one or two of the man's teeth cracked.

The man spat out the teeth and some blood into Nero's face, trying to blind him for a moment. Nero, however, didn't let it put him off. With a grimace, he pushed up, forcing the man off of him. Both of them were on their feet in a heartbeat. Hands out, ready to grab, Nero flew at the man. His hands closed around the man's shoulders and threw him to the floor. He used the time it took for the man to fall to the ground to pick up his piece of mirror glass.

Armed again, Nero grinned. The expression was wild and savage, and had he looked into the mirrors around him, he wouldn't have recognised himself, drenched in sweat and blood as he was with a brutal glint in his eyes. He dropped to his knees, landing heavily on the man's stomach. The man groaned and his face distorted in pain from the contact. Nero wanted to savour the moment, but he had no time. It was now, while the man was trying to recover, before he got pushed off, or the fight would go on longer than anyone was patient enough to cope with.

In one swift motion, Nero drove the glass into the man's neck, tearing through an artery and his windpipe. Choking and spasming, the man clutched at Nero, still trying to bring the champion down with him. He fell silent a moment later and slumped.

Nero basked in the bloody victory for a moment before standing, arms raised in triumph. He could hardly hear the crowd, his heartbeat loud in his ears.

The End

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