Burn it

"I can't believe Garson fell for it." Henry said, leaning back on the car. He occasionally checked his expensive, well kept suit as he wandered around outside the gym. He was almost annoyed he hadn't been in on the action. He took a drag on his cigarette and looked at Mustaro expectantly.

"Well if you want someone to believe that an imposter is actually you, don't tell them." Mustaro said, he smiled at Henry. His usualy disarmingly friendly smile. Mustaro knew the danger, he also knew that Zelos wouldn't go down easily. This attack wasn't to finish him, it was to warn him.

Another car pulled up not far from where the two men were parked, two men climbed out of it and stood, what appeared to be, idly in the darkness. Mustaro thought nothing of it, people hung around all the time. He couldn't see what they were really doing in the dark. He checked his phone again, they still weren't done at the complex.

"Hey Blane, do you reckon thats enough?" One of the voices said, the pair took no notice of it, although Mustaro was sure he had heard the name before. Mustaro and Henry sat silently on the car bonnet in the dimly lit street. Henry was getting impatient, like a mother waiting for her daughter long after cerfew.

The pair of them didn't notice the car over the road leave, what they did notice however was the distinct smell of smoke. As one the pair turned.

"Oh my God." Henry said. The gym was in flames, the two men had set fire to it. "Fire extinguisher! Quick!"

The pair ran over to the burning building and began to do what they could to put out the flames. The pair weren't enough to fend off the flames. They continued to roar in defiance at any effort they made. The entire street began to light up as the flames engulfed the building with an unstoppable fury.

Suddenly it dawned on Mustaro what had just happened. The name Blane, he used to work for Mustaro. It's likely that he now works for Zelos. Why would Zelos want to burn down the gym?

The pair worked hard on the flames. To no avail, smoke rose high into the air and smothered the sky as it watched the pair malevolently, mockingly.

The End

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