"Garson, stay with me at all times if you want to stay alive." Mustaro said, his voice was cold and his face stern. Garson guessed that Mustaro hadn't fought for a while and was steeling his nerves. The car screeched to a halt near the Bloodbox complex, two more stopped nearby. Fifteen men, armed to the teeth with anything from switchblades to machine guns climbed out. Not a single face could be made out in the dark.

"Vince, stay in the car." Garson said, Vince hopped out of the car almost the second Garson said this and with a stormy look, stubbornly clung to Garson's leg.

"Everyone know what the're doing?" Mustaro said to the men. All of them nodded. Garson walked up beside Mustaro with Vince safely in the car. Mustaro nodded and turned, pulling his pistol out of his back pocket. "Lets get to it boys!"

The gang all turned and ran behind Mustaro, the complex grew bigger and bigger. A symbol of malevolence in an already dark city, the moon seemed to shrink behind it as they went. As if it was trying to hide from the imminent bloodshed.

The back door to the complex was guarded, not for long. Mustaro shot the unwitting sentry without warning, without mercy, without a question. Garson was shocked, the group barely acknowledged the random death of a man who probably wouldn't have even caused a problem.

The door was left unlocked, a fatal mistake. The first three men stepped in and let loose there guns. The occupants had no time to react, most were cut down in the first volley. A couple managed to find the time to hide.

"In now!" Mustaro growled, the men quickly dashed in single file. Two doors to the room opened and Zelos' men poured in guns blazing. Garson ducked behind a table and covered his ears, people shouted as confusion took hold. The noise of gunfire and the screams of the dying were unmistakable as stray bullets pummeled the wall in front of him. A man fell over the table, he looked at Garson desperatly, clutching his neck as claret sprayed between his fingers. He tried to choke a word out but instead he choked blood. Garson closed his eyes and cried. The table jolted as a bullet hit it, then it was over.

Garson very slowly pointed his head over the table, Mustaro had won. He stood over one man who had his hands raised pleadingly to the victor.

"Please!" The man wailed. "I have a wife and a child. I'm just doing what I was told."

"Do you believe in God?" Mustaro asked.

"Y-yes." The man replied perplexed.

"Then go and wine at him about it." Mustaro said coldly as he mercilessly fired three rounds into the mans skull. "Garson, we're leaving!"

Mustaro, Garson and two others left the room quickly and proceeded with haste down a dark corridor. Up a flight of stairs, then another, then another. Garson quickly tired, he was quite a big man and just wasn't used to running this much.

They entered a small reception-like room on the top floor, two men were waiting their. Garson hid under the reception desk and watched as Mustaro fire a shot at the first, hitting him in the knee and sending him to the floor. The other was blown away as the two followers fired. Mustaro stepped over the dead man and stepped on the still live ones throat. He listened and seemed to enjoy the pathetic choking and desperate clawing of the man as he fought for his life. Garson wept, this Mustaro was no better than Zelos.

The two back ups left as Mustaro opened the door to what Garson guessed was Zelos' office. He did not follow, instead he hid and hoped.

"It's over Zelos!" Mustaro's voice could easily be discerned from the other room. There was a mumble from another man, Garson couldn't make it out but his heart leapt at the thought it may belong to Zelos. Garson breathed heavily, it was finally over, he was finally free.


"Is the great Mustaro so cowardly that he would send an imposter to die in his place?" A raging, wild and slightly mad voice called. " Show yourself weakling!"

Garson had no other choice, he climbed out from under the desk and ran as fast as he could. They had failed, Zelos lived.

The End

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