True Love Turned Sour



A pale hand caught the wrist of Suca before she feel. The young girl no more than 8 and half stared up at her mother’s beautiful face. Mother traced Suca's features like she always did. Mother smiled showing shiny white teeth.

   "Suca my child you have grown!" Mother patted my hair. I touched the white bandage that covered mother’s eyes.

   "Mommy why do you not take of that bandage?" i asked.

    Suca suddenly wished she hadn't asked. Mommy's glowing smiled suddenly disappeared like Suca's had slapped her.

  "Even if I take off the bandage It will not help." Mommy whispered.


   "I am blind my dear all I see is darkness."

   "Who is your 'lover' mommy?"  Suca tilted her head to one side.

   "He was my husband." Mommy's lower lip trembled and tears rolled down her cheeks soaking the white bandage. 

   "Is he my father?"

   "No..Oh how I wish he was! How I wish that he was not dead! How I wish that things were different! My love where are you?!" Mommy put her face into her hand and sobbed her slender shoulders shaking.

   A nurse came in ushering Suca out of the room, tell the little girl her mother would be able to see again soon. She turned back to the beautiful women who sat up in her hospital bed sobbing her heart out. The nurse gave the women a pat on the back. Then turned to look at the clip board at the foot of the bed.

    Name: Elena M. R. Blackwell

   "Ms. Elena it's time for your surgery. Don't cry you will be able to see again and you will be able to be with your husband and daughter again." The nurse helped Elana into a wheel chair.

 Elena stiffed at the word husband, she thought of her Zelos, her true love. Why had fate taken him away from her? Why was she married to that cruel man? She wanted to cry but held back.

 " husband."  Eleana whispered clasping shaking hands in her lap.

  Mistaking Elena's shaking frame as nerves the nurse told her everything would be ok.  The nurse pushed Elena through the metal double doors; she helped her up to the cold metal table.  Where at least a dozen of Doctor's were cleaning tools.

 "This won't hurt a bit." one masked doctor said while  sticking something in her arm. "I'm going to put you to sleep."

 Suddenly Elena as falling fast asleep. When she woke again she would be able to see.

   While Elena slept through her surgery a message was sent to Zelos.

     I have something you want. Come to the bloodbox tomorrow at the first show. I'm sure you will really love this little gift.

  Signed the President of BloodBox






The End

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